Actress Sasikala was full of ups and downs in life, know about her struggle

The life of veteran actress Sasikala is no less than a film story. Very few people know that Sasikala was born in a very wealthy household. His father was a big businessman, so Sasikala’s childhood was also very comfortable.

This actress had seen bad times, she used to sweep people's homes to run home.

According to the news, Sasikala was very talented since childhood and was also fond of dancing, singing and acting. However, fate soon changed and Sasikala’s father gained a rank from the king, stating that it was betrayed by his brothers.

After this, Sasikala’s father came to Mumbai in the hope that his daughter Sasikala would get work in films and her time would change once again. Unfortunately, this could not happen, which led to a clash between Sasikala and her family in Mumbai. According to media reports, Sasikala has at one time worked in people’s homes ranging from washing dishes to washing clothes.

This actress had seen bad times, she used to sweep people's homes to run home.

Finally one day Sasikala’s hard work receded and she got a small role in the film Zeenat and her film journey started from here. Let us tell you that Sasikala was married to Omprakash Sehgal who married KL. Sehgal had relatives. Sasikala had two daughters from this marriage but unfortunately she did not get support of her husband after which she went abroad with someone.

According to reports, this person tortured Sasikala mentally and physically. Hurt by this incident, Sasikala returned to India and served the people with Mother Teresa in Calcutta for a full 9 years. Let me tell you that today Sasikala is 85 years old and lives with her youngest daughter and son-in-law.

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