Actress Rekha’s comeback through Khoon Bhari Maang in 1988 was also spectacular, the film received a 3-year Filmfare Award

Rekha, who has ruled the industry for more than a decade, began her downhill career after 1981–82, but says some stars are not meant to break and disappear, but are polar stars even though The lights sometimes dim, they remain in the sky and glow. Rekha was one of them and got her chance to shine again with the 1988 film Khoon Bhari Maang. The film became such a huge hit that the film made a mark in every award show that year.

Filmfare received 7 nominations

Actress Rekha's debut was not only spectacular, but also spectacular.

Filmfare Awards have a high place in Hindi cinema. Rekha’s bloody demand was at the forefront of this 1988 award ceremony. The film received 7 nominations in various categories. These included Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Editing Award, Best Film, Best Director, Best Female Playback and Best Music Director. Three of these awards went to the film. Rekha won the Filmfare Award for Best Actress for the film for the second time. In addition, Sonu Walia received the Best Supporting and Best Editing awards.

Kabir Bedi was in the negative role

Apart from Rekha, Kabir Bedi, Shatrughan Sinha, Sonu Walia were also in the bloody demand film and they all played strong roles. But the character of Kabir Bedi, the protagonist in this film, was negative. Probably not accepted by any actor of that era. But Kabir Bedi agreed. And rolled. Rakesh Roshan had high expectations from him so he approached Kabir Bedi for the role. The film has completed 3 decades and even today every audience of that era has a special place in this film.

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