Actress Neetu Kapoor shares Jeetendra Throwback Pick with Rishi Kapoor Rakesh Roshan

Actress Neetu Kapoor has congratulated Jitendra on her birthday by posting a picture of her late husband, actors Rishi Kapoor, Jitendra and Rakesh Roshan on social media. Let me tell you that today Jitendra is celebrating his 79th birthday. Neetu Kapoor shared the photo on her Instagram Stories on Wednesday evening and wrote, ‘Happy Birthday Jitendra Love’.

In this picture, the three friends can be seen partying together. While Rishi Kapoor is seen wearing a dark blue sweatshirt, Rakesh Roshan is seen wearing a white T-shirt. In the picture, Rakesh is seen holding a food plate in his hand and Jitendra is also standing with him and posing. Earlier, Jitendra’s daughter Ekta Kapoor shared a photo and video from her photo gallery with the caption, ‘Happy Birthday Papa! You helped me fly. Love you. ‘

In the video shared by Ekta Kapoor, Jitendra is seen with his wife Shobha Kapoor and grandchildren – Ravi Kapoor and Lakshya Kapoor. Neetu Kapoor also commented on Ekta’s post and wrote, ‘Happy birthday bhappa.’

Let me tell you that Jitendra, born as Ravi Kapoor in Amritsar, Punjab, family’s only connection with films was that he supplied jewelery to the film industry. At the same time, Indian filmmaker V Shantaram gave Jeetendra his first major break in 1967 with the film ‘Boond Jo Ban Gai Moti’. However, his first release was the 1967 Farz.

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