Actress Gehna Vasistha arrested for making adult videos of Strugglers Maharashtra Mumbai n

Mumbai: Television actress and model Gehna Vasistha has been arrested by the property cell of Mumbai Crime Branch on Saturday evening. It is alleged that Gehna tricked the newcomers and Strugler into giving him a good role and asked him to act in a pornographic video and then uploaded the video to two different websites and made millions of rupees.

A senior official said that Geh Vashisht has a production house called GV Studio. Under which she used to suit these videos. According to the police, Vashistha has been making such videos since the year 2019. The police has so far received around 90 porn videos which he has shot. A Crime Branch official said Gehna Vasistha’s house was raided on 3 February. After which three mobile phones, a laptop and some bank related documents were seized from his house.

Police on Sunday produced Guhna Vasistha in court, where the court has remanded him to police custody till 10 February. During the investigation, the police found that he had two websites. To which she used to upload such videos. To watch porn videos made by her, she has to subscribe to her channel, which costs Rs 2000.

Profit of crores

Kedar Pawar, a senior property cell official, said he had received information that a gang was active in Mumbai, which forced Strugler to use him to make porn movies and was earning crores of rupees from the business. After getting the information, the crime branch formed a team and raided a bungalow called Green Villa in Malvani Madh area and arrested five people and rescued a 23-year-old girl while shooting a porn film.

The arrested accused are Yasmin Khan aka Roha Khan (producer and director), Monu Sharma (photographer), Bhanu Thakur (actor), Atish Sheikh (actor) and Pratibha Nalwade (creative director). Police have seized high definition DVR cameras, 6 mobile phones, laptops, camera stands, spotlights and memory cards (containing several porn videos) from them. The police has also seized his bank account, in which more than Rs 36 lakh has been recovered.

Police say that these people have earned this money from people who used to subscribe to their application to watch the film they made. Pawar said that these people used to target such youths who are struggling a lot, after which these accused used to show those fighters a dream of getting a good role in Bollywood, TV serial or a big web series and then worked with them. Were. Refuse. For half the film, these people used to tell a good story and then in the second half, they started shooting porn in the name of a bold film shoot.

Earn more at less cost!

The police said that these people used to allow 25 to 30 thousand acts of these fighters. Then these people will choose a different location for the shoot, for which they have to pay 5 to 10 rupees per day. These people will shoot the entire film from a good high definition mobile and then upload it on their website. According to a police estimate, 4 lakh people have subscribed to the application so far. These people used to charge 199 rupees every month for subscription.

Yasmin Khan is the mastermind of this gang?

According to the police officer, Yasmin has done small roles in films and TV serials before. This is why they have a list of girls who have been struggling for years to get a chance in Bollywood or TV serials. Yasmin used to offer these girls in the name of short films. She would then narrate a script to these strugglers to make a 20-minute film, but did not report any nude scenes. After this he promised to give 25 to 30 thousand rupees to the characters for the shooting of this short film.

She would then sign an agreement with these artists, which she was not allowed to read in its entirety. After signing the deal, the actors were called to a bungalow in the Malvani Madh area for a shoot. Then, as the shooting progressed, the actors were asked to undress. In such a case, if an artist refuses to do so, he will be threatened with legal action if he does not consider his agreement.

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