Actor Puneet Issar said that actors of Mahabharata are more than 30 years old. Actor Puneet Issar spoke

new Delhi: Actor Puneet Issar, who plays the role of Duryodhana in the popular TV serial Mahabharata, believes that it is very important to stay alive to keep himself relevant. He recently returned after shooting “The Kashmir Files”. This year is very important for him as many of his films will be released. Issar is still very active and is busy shooting films.

Puneet Issar believes that all the actors in the Mahabharata serial are still stuck in their old image. They are still in the same place today. He believes that he has broken this image and taken his career forward. Puneet has acted in many Bollywood films. The audience also likes his acting. He became very famous after getting the role of Duryodhana in Mahabharata.

Puneet is 61 years old and working actively. He says, “I had to change over time. I was not attached to my old image. That is why I am still more active today than other artists of Mahabharata.” He never tied to a genre in his film career. He has been playing different characters in different films.

He said, “I played the villain in many films. Then in the 1997 film Border, I played the role of an army man. I also directed the film ‘Pride: Pride and Honor’ in 2004 with Salman Khan. I also did a reality show, which changed a lot for me. I accepted new challenges and loved exploring new areas. “

Puneet Issar believes that it is because of his style that people still think of him and include him in his projects. He said that change is necessary with the new generation. Acting is an art that does not change over time but changes in attitude. Nowadays people want actors to perform very naturally. “Over time I had to reverse and adjust these changes and I did,” he said.

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