Abhinav Shukla is not going to Shimla to meet wife Rubina Dilac for this one reason.

Not only the common man, but many celebs are also affected by the corona virus these days. Many have lost this battle while many are still fighting. Recently, it was reported that TV actress Rubina Dilac is also a Corona positive and currently she is in the home quarantine in Shimla, away from Mumbai. But her husband Abhinav Shukla is still in Mumbai and will not go to Shimla for any particular reason. Actually, Abhinav was not in Mumbai when Rubina took the test. It was only after he returned to Mumbai that he learned that his wife was infected with the corona virus.

Abhinav Shukla will not go to Shimla

According to media reports, Abhinav Shukla is not going to Shimla even after finding out that his wife is infected with Corona. The reason for this is that even if he goes to Shimla, he will not be able to meet Rubina. Therefore, they have decided to stay in Mumbai till Rubina recovers. He has said all these things in a recent interview. On the other hand, Abhinav is also making people aware of his side.

Plasma will be donated by Rubina Dilac

Even though Rubina Dilac is infected with Corona and due to this she is facing a lot of trouble, she is looking very positive and now she is satisfied that she will be able to donate plasma. Rubina posted on Instagram on May 1 that she would donate the plasma a month after recovering.

On the other hand, the family members of Bigg Boss 14 are also commenting on his post and praying for his speedy recovery. Nikki Tamboli, from Rahul Mahajan to Ali Goni, all commented on Rubina’s post and wished her good health. Fans of Rubina Dilac are also praying to God for her speedy recovery.

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