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‘Bolivian Lament’: the story behind the success of Enanitos Verdes

After the death of Marciano Cantero, vocalist of Enanitos Verdes, some fans began to remember the emblematic Latin American musician who gave the world hits such as ‘Luz de día’, ‘La pared verde’ or ‘Guitarras blanca’.

However, one of the most popular songs that are part of rock in Spanish is ‘Bolivian lament’, a song that has not only become a constant at parties or cover group repertoiresbut keeps a series of theories for its particular and abstract letter.

‘Bolivian lament’ is not original from Enanitos Verdes

The first point to note is that ‘Lamento boliviano’ is not a song composed by the famous Enanitos Verdes, but rather it is a cover of a band called Ethyl Alcohol, which, on the other hand, is not very well known. Of course, both bands are originally from Mendoza (Argentina).

In fact, both were related bands on the scene, since they shared members such as Sergio Embrioni (guitarist) and Horacio Gómez (keyboardist)so it’s no wonder they had great relationships.

That was how in 1987, they released their album Packed at origin, which included the theme; however, it was until 1994 that the Dwarfs released ‘Big Bang’ with a new version of the song, which would become a rock anthem.

It is a characteristic of the band from time to time to put a cover. I am honored, I love it and the best way to give it back is to keep doing everything we doMarciano said in an interview with Radio Cantilo.

What does ‘Bolivian Lament’ mean?

There are several theories regarding the origin of the letter. one from the diary Clarionpoints out that it was a trip by the members of Ethyl Alcohol to Peru, where they saw Bolivian immigrants in search of better conditions, and also, some things that inspired them.

Chain Radio Bio-Bio of Chile recovers a second one, in which, supposedly, It would be a tribute to the Bolivian immigrants who arrived in Argentina during the 1980s in search of better opportunities..

The third, and more risky, was found by some fans of the group and of literature, as they claim that there are references to the book A Chronicle of a Death Foretold of Gabriel Garcia Marquezmainly because of the phrase ‘Baby, don’t comb your hair in bed, the travelers are going to be late’, because of a passage in the book where basically the same idea is repeated.

This theory is reinforced with a slightly less convincing question, as they claim that the phrase “I’m like a rock, words don’t touch me” is inspired by Santiago Nasar, because in the novel everyone knew that he was going to die, except them.

To this day, none of the composers have spoken about one of the most listened to rock songs in Spanish in history, so we will have to wait to find out the truth.


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