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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Bodybuilder and Tiktoker Valdir Segato, better known as ‘The Hulk’, dies at 55 (PHOTOS)

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  • His body no longer resisted
  • Injections cause the death of a famous bodybuilder and tiktoker
  • The death of Valdir Segato ‘El Hulk’ at the age of 55 leaves everyone shocked

Deaths in the world of entertainment are the order of the day and this Tuesday news was reported that left thousands of people shocked by the way it happened and that is that the bodybuilder, fitness model and tiktoker Valdir Segato, better known as ‘ The Hulk’ lost his life, caused by his desire to have the ‘perfect’ body.

Various communication portals such as ‘exclesior‘, they realized what happened to the popular TikTok man who shared routines and advances of his body because he was obsessed with looking like a bodybuilder, however he himself admitted that he injected substances to make his muscles grow.

Valdir Segato lost his life because he was irresponsible?

Valdir Segato death

The death of “The Hulk” shook locals and strangers because he was 55 years old and his physical form hardly showed that he would get sick or his health was compromised, however, the cause of his death was tremendous irresponsibility on his part and all for looking ‘perfect’ as a bodybuilder.

The fitness model and TikTok star presumed that he injected certain substances to grow his muscles, which were already exaggerated, but I couldn’t stop until a so-called ‘synthol’ was introduced, which led to his sudden death to the surprise and impact of many people.

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