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Blood for blood: This is what the cast of the film looks like almost 30 years after its premiere

“Life is a risk, carnal”, is one of the many iconic phrases that the legendary film directed by Taylor Hackford left. Blood for blood It was not another typical gang movie that was forgotten, but after almost three decades, it is still considered the best of its kind.

The film that tells the story of three cousins ​​who grow up as brothers in the midst of the violent streets of East Los Angeles was released in 1993 and became part of popular culture, however, Over the years, many have lost track of the popular actors who made up the cast of Blood for blood.

Blood for blood

Blood for blood

Here we leave you a list of what the actors of Blood for blood almost thirty years after its premiere.

Miklo Velka

Damian Chapa was in charge of giving this character a view. He is currently engaged in attending conventions and selling greetings through websites.

‘Cruzito Candelaria’

Jesse Borrego played this character and is still part of the entertainment industry, however, he has not managed to transcend as he did 30 years ago.

Paco Aguilar

Benjamin Bratt is possibly the actor who continues to be the most active in the cinema, unlike the other two protagonists of Blood for Blood; A few years ago he lent his voice to voice Ernesto de la Cruz in Coco and also had a part in Marvel’s Dr. Strange.

Montana ‘The Mere, Mere’ Segura

Enrique Castillo has little activity on social networks and also in the cinema, but he wrote the book The dead of summer.

Enrique Castillo, actor of Blood for Blood

Enrique Castillo, actor of Blood for Blood


Carlos Carrasco is currently 72 years old and directed some movies.

Carlos Carrasco, actor of Blood for Blood

Carlos Carrasco, actor of Blood for Blood


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