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BLACKPINK is back with their song ‘Pink Venom’ | OFFICIAL VIDEO

They are back! BLACKPINK he returned with one of the singles that already broke the internet and that is that just a few hours after it was released ‘Pink Venom‘, the girls already got their video to have more than a million views.

This is the triumphant return of the girls and It will be part of his second album that will include a tour of Latin America in which Mexico is expected to be on the list of countries to visit.

The BLACKPINK’s comebackmotioned to all the Blinks because the young women had not released music in recent months, in addition to the fact that they will do their American television debut in one of the most important awards in the industry.

This was the occasion when BLACKPINK met Los Tucanes de Tijuana and danced ‘La Chona’

‘Pink Venom’, the new single of the summer

The phenomenon of BLACKPINKthe K-pop band made up of Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé, caused quite a stir since the girls premiered their new song this August 18 at night.

‘Pink Venom’ debuted at 11 at night in Mexico, because there was a live premiere from the official Youtube channel of the band, some of the countries could enjoy it from dawn or before 10 pm, even in France this premiered gave at 7 am.

This new single also has a nod to one of the most important contemporary artists in the industry, since a verse alludes to the popular Rihanna’s song, ‘Press replay’, what drove the band fans.

Here we leave you the video of ‘Pink Venom’ so that, like all the followers, you can enjoy this triumphant return of BLACKPINK with this new song.

Fans’ reaction to ‘Pink Venom’

The Blinks They were not far behind and flooded social networks with reactions to this new single by BLACKPINK and here we show you the most exciting ones, as well as some memes they made themselves.

Don’t miss your chance to hear’Pink Venom‘, the new song of BLACKPINK.


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