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‘Blackish’ cast says final goodbye as series officially ends with emotional finale

Goodbye, Johnson! Tuesday night saw the series finale of ABC’s much-loved sitcom, black-ishAfter eight years of adventure.

The episode was filled with emotional goodbyes as Dre (Anthony Anderson) and Dr. Rainbow “Bo” (Tracee Ellis Ross) Johnson decided to move out of their family home. With their children of agreement — Zo (Yara Shahidi), Diane (Marsai Martin), Jack (Miles Brown), and Andre Jr. (Marcus Scribner) — and Dre’s parents, Pops (Lawrence Fishburne) and Ruby (Jennifer Lewis). ), leaving the house, the entire family bid goodbye with an emotional trip down memory lane.

The series ends with the family having a final dance party in the street with their close friends and family, and a Latinx couple moving into the Johnson family home.

To celebrate the occasion and bid a final farewell after eight seasons, the cast shared heartfelt tributes on social media, from sweet throwback videos from behind the scenes to joyous celebrations of the show’s legacy and what’s to come next.

Before the episode, Anderson shared a clip from the episode and written with“Tonight marks the end of an era that has made such an important impression, not only in my life, but also in my co-stars, the ABC team, staff and crew, and all the guest stars we have. Even on the show!”

The 51-year-old actor said that “what the show has done and demonstrated for the culture and for African American families… Truly all American families overall will never be forgotten.”

“I am humbly honored…” he said. “Emotions are playing full-on [sic] From joy, pride, sadness… adoration and more! #Blackish truly is and will forever be one of my profane [sic] Proudest moment.”

Ross shared a gallery of videos from his time with his co-stars on set, writing, “If you thought @blackishabc was funny, the moments between the takes gave the show a real run for its money !”

“We had a lot of fun at work. We have some fun moments here. They say that the family that plays together stays together,” he said. “And even though these incredible humans were just my TV family, I guess it means we are forever”

Lewis shared an adorable video of Her “Grandma” is dancing on the setwell as asa her bye song video For the ABC sitcom.

Next to the first video, the 65-year-old star wrote, “I think in all those 8 years I’ve been a little bit of them. I’m missing my grandparents. ️ @blackishabc”.

“Thank you for 8 great seasons. ️❤️❤️,” she added in the clip of her rendition, where she revealed she would be releasing her second book, walk in my pleasureIn summer.

Scribner also made an Instagram postWhere he shared many pictures and videos from his time on the series.

“So many years and so many memories. Feeling so grateful for this family,” the 22-year-old wrote. “To my family, friends and all of you; thank you for supporting me on this journey. Tonight’s episode is a celebration of all the laughs, tears and stories we have shared over the past eight seasons. To share Thank you for this beautiful experience with us and for being separated from our God-family.”

Brown shared similar sentiments in his Instagram post, writing, “I am forever grateful to be part of such a special show that touched so many people in our culture.” The 17-year-old also shared a black-and-white family photo on her Instagram Story on Tuesday, and shared a heartfelt post from many of her co-stars.

Shahidi too Johnson shared family photoAlso on Monday the series creator is posting a gallery of photos, along with a note to Kenya Barris and his TV dad.

“Grateful for growing up together ,” she wrote alongside a video of the Johnson siblings. She included a quote from Anderson interview with Los Angeles Timeswhere he noted that he and Barris “looked at the television landscape” during the show’s development and saw that “there was nothing that was representing us.”

Shahidi said, “Thank you Mr. Never the Same for being fit twice, @kenyabarris and my paDRE @anthonyanderson for creating space to thrive and moving forward with @Gronish! What a beautiful 8 years ,” Shahidi said he said.

ET spoke with the cast during the 39th annual PaleyFest LA, where the crew reflected on watching their final season aired live and how it felt to say goodbye as their eight-year run ended.

“I think I’ll miss coming to work every day,” Ross admitted, adding that she would miss the “chaos” of being around her TV family and their production crew. “I mean, honestly, in the last two years in COVID we haven’t really had a chance to do our favorite thing on the show, which is morning hair and makeup. We were all in the trailer together and it was 5 a.m. :30 p.m. Mayhem – Music, lines going on and the whole thing like that. So, very, very exciting to be able to do that and it’s sad to miss it now.”

“It was my childhood from the age of eight/nine until now [when] We’re almost 18,” marveled Martin. “It’s so crazy and it’s amazing. I can’t imagine how it must have been for families who have been watching all the kids grow up for so long.”

Shahidi – who is currently leading grown-ishoThe Freeform spinoff of the show focused on the eldest Johnson kid—noting that “it’s not like it’s a goodbye in any way”, because not only grown-isho has been renewed for its fifth season, but his TV brother will join him in the new installment, reprising his role as Andre Johnson Jr., as he begins his journey to “grow up.”

“It’s great to have him involved because he’s already a part of the family and I have some of my favorite episodes where he joins us,” she told ET. “So even to have her here full time feels like some great kind of enhancement in our journey that we’ve seen we try college and try out the adult world. It parallels a lot through Zoey. , so I can’t wait to be with them.”

grown-ishoThe Season 4 finale saw Zoey and her friends graduate from the University of California Liberal Arts, starting their lives in the real world. It also marked the exit of the show’s six original cast members, including Francia Raisa (Ana), Emily Arluk (Nomi), Chloe Bailey (Jazz), Luca Sabbat (Luca), Halle Bailey (Sky) and Jordan Buht (Vivek). Are included.

Shahidi, Diggy Simmons (Doug) and Trevor Jackson (Aaron) will return for a fifth season, which will welcome a new class on their post-grad adventures as well as Cal U, including Scribner Jr. It’s a transition that Scribner said he’s “pumped” to deal with.

“I’m excited for Junior to continue that story and see where he goes and how he develops as a character,” he told ET. “I just love the fact that our writers are able to let our characters grow, because, you know, with a lot of sitcom characters, they stand still, they have a single line for the rest. But Jr. Has been able to grow into a character and will continue to grow grown-isho So it’s a really natural evolution.”

Watch the video below to know more about what’s next -isho Universe.

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