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Black music marathon for this Friday night on TV

Black music marathon for this Friday night on TV

Black music arrives at this brand new beginning of the year with two documentaries describing the world of Chicago blues and the fascinating story of soul singer Diana Ross. This Friday, January 7, DirecTV’s own signals (201 and 1201 in HD) will broadcast Born in chicago at 9 p.m. and at 10:30 p.m., The Story of the Songs: Diana Ross.

If the heart of the blues is in the Mississippi Delta, her lungs are in chicago. The documentary Born in chicago is an interesting testimony of the arrival in that city of a group of artists who would not only be the protagonists of the blues from the ’60s, but also They took the blues from acoustic to electric, almost a heresy had it not been for the quality of the musicians.

Muddy waters (1913-1983), Howlin ‘wolf (1910-1976), BB King (1925-2015), Hubert sumlin (1931-2011), Buddy guy (with 85 years, He’s the last of the great bluesman alive) Y Willie dixon (1915-1992), among others, captured the attention of a youth who gave themselves fully to this music, true root of the most important popular genres of the twentieth century, such as jazz, soul and rock.

Diana Ross Is The Protagonist Of The Biopic That Ondirectv Will Broadcast On Friday At 10:30 P.m.

Diana Ross is the protagonist of the biopic that OndirecTV will broadcast on Friday at 10:30 p.m.

A whole generation of white artists like Mike Bloomfield, Paul Butterfield, Harvey Mandel, Steve Miller, and Elvin Bishop, among others, followed in the footsteps of these great musicians who shone with a genuine feeling for the blues. It is a documentary that marks the meeting between generations and different races combined by a genre that puts emotion in front and swing behind.

A documentary that collects reflections and anecdotes, such as the one about the terrible relationship that Howlin ‘Wolf and Muddy Waters had as Wolf’s guitarist Hubert Sumlin left his band to play with Waters, whom he felt was his rival in popularity in Windy City.

Even though Sumlin returned to Wolf, the bond never finished fixing. The documentary is directed by Bob Sarles and John Anderson, and Dan Aykroyd (Blues brothers) and Jim Belushi participated in the executive production.

The turn of the queen of soul

After the blues will come soul, from the hand of one of the greatest voices of the genre, Diana Ross, 77 years old.

The Story of the Songs: Diana Ross is a documentary, directed by Garfield Carrott, which is part of the television series Song History and takes as its core the artistic ascent of this song star from three compositions: Baby love, released in 1964, when it was still part of the trio The Supremes and the sound was dominating Motown.

The Supremes, The Trio That Diana Ross Was Part Of And Was A Phenomenon Of The '60S.

The Supremes, the trio that Diana Ross was part of and was a phenomenon of the ’60s.

The other two topics: Do You Know Where You’re Going Too?, already as a soloist, released in 1975, and Chain reaction, in 1985, in which a more pop climate prevails in their music.

Three moments in which this singer, born in Detroit, in March 1944, shows all her vocal quality and charisma. With a 60-year career and 25 solo albums, Ross is the most successful female artist in history, with estimated sales of more than 100 million records.

By the way, Ross returned in 2021, after 20 years of retirement, to record Thank you, an album that reveals his enormous vocal quality beyond time.

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