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‘Black Lady Sketch Show’ cast on Quinta Brunson’s surprise return in season 3 finale (exclusive)

'Black Lady Sketch Show' cast on Quinta Brunson's surprise return in season 3 finale (exclusive)

Brunson, who is the creator and star of 'Abbott Elementary,' made a welcomed return to the HBO sketch series.

After another hilarious and extraordinary season of a black lady sketch showThe HBO series ended on a high note with the surprise return of the original cast and Abbott Primary Star Quinta Brunson. The Season 3 finale began with an action-packed sketch that saw him reuniting with his former co-stars — and series creator Robin Thede explained how it all came together.

Thed told ET about bringing Brunson back for the finale, “It was a really fun sketch for him to be a part of for a number of reasons, which saw him walk down the back alley in “Rain Fighter” because he’s forced to. Ashley faces off with Nicole Black, Gabrielle Dennis and Skye Townsend, who sport various villainous hairstyles.

Of course, getting his former co-star back on the sketch series was no easy feat. “Quinta [had to] Take to the mountains to be a part of the finale because she loves us and we love her,” says Theday, explaining that the actress was busy working on the ABC breakout sitcom, which will first premiere in December 2021. happened. “She is making a hit show. You cannot be in two places at the same time. She is executive producing, producing, writing and starring in a show.”

Thed, who has been dragged down for Brunson’s absence in the past, says, “You spend your entire year making all the episodes. It’s not like we just have extra time.”

She said, “Quinta is part of our family. She is my forever sister. I talk to him all the time,” Thede said, “I’m very proud of him. I love her so much.”

“I will continue to support him and every woman who comes from the show. There are women who are going to come and go on this show every season and we have to be prepared for that,” Thed continues, noting that Lassie Mosley is “killing it”. no statement made reboot. “In this show, those levels go up.”

Not only is Brunson’s star Abbott PrimaryBut she created the series and also serves as executive producer and showrunner on a workplace comedy about a group of teachers trying to do their best at a low-cost public school.

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The cast of season 1 of ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’


Looking at Brunson’s Time a black lady sketch show“As an actor, I knew 100 percent that she was one of the most winning, beloved actors out there,” says Black.

“But seeing her as a boss and how she takes care of her cast and her crew is like watching you – I might say little sister because I think she is a year younger than me – like your little sister. To just step into his power,” continues her former co-star. “It’s great to see.”

When it comes to the success of the series, which has been renewed for Season 2, “it’s because the show is so real and so authentic,” Black says, adding that she favors Brunson and guest-starred on the sitcom. Starring is ready to return. “I want to recite Quinta.”

Never mind, “I am extremely proud of Quinta and it was a thrill for us to have her back in the fall for the finale,” concluded Theed.

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