Home Entertainment Bizarp premieres his new song with Dookie and Nikki Nicholl

Bizarp premieres his new song with Dookie and Nikki Nicholl

Bizarp premieres his new song with Dookie and Nikki Nicholl

Weird, dukio You Nikki Nicole Present already left In an explosive collaboration, which is available on all platforms from today. already left The song is the first of the trio to bring together a successful collaboration, bringing together the creativity of Bizarp’s production, Dookie’s unmistakable style, and Nicky Nicole’s catchy voice.

already left It premiered this Wednesday at 7 PM on @bizarrap’s official channel. dressed well in front of the cameras Three great exponents of Latin urban music Posted her first pictures to go ahead with the release of the song. The idea quickly crystallized: Argentina beat Brazil for the Copa America, Bizarp and Duquee in A. promised to act in Session Together if Messi’s selection managed to break the streak.

said and done in a process to express. “I’m a man of my word. I’m going to have my session with Vichitra”, wrote Dukey to announce that he would meet her. Biza. the song was recorded in miami Last June, where the three artists met in the studio to compose “this landmark masterpiece”, as presented by its producers Delplay Records.

The Song Was Recorded In Miami, And The Video For &Quot;Yamefui&Quot; Was Recorded In Argentina And Spain.  Press Photo

The song was recorded in Miami, and the video for “Yamefui” was recorded in Argentina and Spain. press photo

video was filmed between Argentina and Spain “And surprise with an original idea from Bizarre, which, in addition to its musical brain, produces pieces with its passion for the audiovisual world, with cinematographic quality”, the press release said.

the director agustin portella in Buenos Aires and in association with the director Lucas Vignale In Barcelona, ​​the video mixes old places, works of art and impressive landscapes that play perfectly with the emotion the song has to deliver.


Bzrp (Bizrap) Is One Of The Star Producers Of The Moment, With His Sessions That Unite Him With Various Exponents Of The Genre.  Photo Clarin Archive

BZRP (BizRap) is one of the star producers of the moment, with his sessions that unite him with various exponents of the genre. photo clarin archive

Ajay Vichitra celebrated 2 billion streams Stands out on Spotify as well as in the world’s highest ranking nikki jam By BZRP Music Session #41, more than 55 million On that forum.

They recently got together Nathy Peluso, for reproduction in Spain triple platinum reproduction BZRP Music Session #36. The 2020 Marathon Collaboration also won the award for “Best Urban/Trap Music Album/Song” Gardell Awards 2021, to be included in “Best Urban/Trap Music Collaboration” with With Mamicula, Truno and Nikki Nicole.


Duque, A Benchmark For Argentine Nets.  Photo Clarin Archive

Duque, a benchmark for Argentine nets. photo clarin archive

Following the global uproar of his latest release, the biggest reference to the Argentine trap, Duque, continues in Spain, starting his tour in Madrid with More and more. five thousand present and sold out seats in Barcelona, “Creating Big Expectations” in a tour that continued through the end of July, with performances in Girona and Tarragona.

For the rest of the year, Dookie promised new songs in a project “with new challenges that would show all of their musical versatility”, pushing producers forward.

Nikki Nicole

For his part, heRosrina Nikki Nicole Nico It continues its victorious journey causing a ruckus wherever I step. After becoming the first Argentine to pass through The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and achieving great global results, the artist added recognition to his sales success in Spain, receiving a gold record for bad life, for platinum record Location and for triple platinum she is not yours, hit that he recorded with Myke Towers and Rochi Rd.

Nikki Nicholl During Her Show At The Famous Jimmy Fallon Show.  Photo Clarin Archive

Nikki Nicholl during her show at the famous Jimmy Fallon Show. photo clarin archive

Currently, his latest release with the Spanish rapper delaosa In you left me Keeps climbing on the global charts.

As far as this long-awaited triple collaboration is concerned, this song doesn’t quite find the places they search for. The new song promises to “burst” the charts.

Bizarp is currently one of the most listened to Argentine artists around the world. With over 16 million monthly listeners. your launch with nikki jam became a worldwide hit that entered top global Ranked #18 in dozens of countries and #1 in less than 48 hours.

mamicula Next to bizarre and thunder became a worldwide hit. He managed to position himself in 33 of the global top 50 A year after launch, it already has more 290 million views and 208 million streams.