Billy Eilish hit Vogue and posed in the sexy “Self Love”

Billy ellish It left everyone with their mouths open and of course it became a trend when they shared their New picture Where he puts his baggy clothes of shirts, pants and sweatshirts aside to make way for something More sexy and retro.

Billy Elish Surprise in “British Vogue”

That’s right, the “Bad Guy” singer showed off more of her body after donating a corset for the first time and portrayed herself as a model Pin-up completely with blonde hair and Share your image on the cover of “British Vogue” magazine in the June issue.

The 19-year-old posed for the lenses of Elmer Batters, inspired by a 1950s magazine and advertising icon. Daughter Brosmer, And because of this, Eilish has been featured in stockings, heels, garter, and even gabardine.

“I’ve never really done anything in this area,” singer Laura Snaps tells.

“You know, except when I’m alone and it’s all bullshit.”

Billy Ellish is consistent with what he says and does

The change for the artist at the moment has a lot to do with her new song, which premiered three days ago, titled “Your power”, Simple that emerges from his second album “Happy everywhere”, And who touches on the issue of addicts exploiting young girls and that’s why she assured the magazine that removing the rap-style clothes she used doesn’t mean they disrespected her We do.

“Don’t make me a role model because you’re turned on by me … showing your body and showing your skin, or not, should not take away any respect,” he explained.

Elish shared secret

One of the secrets Billy Ellish has revealed by sharing some images from the photoshoot on his Instagram is a large tattoo that covers a large portion of his right leg and ends on his stomach. The editor-in-chief of the British magazine, Edward Eninful, revealed that when he came close he was the singer himself who proposed the change, as she wanted him to show his body more.

“He wonders: ‘What if I want to show my body in a fashion story for the first time? What if I want to play with Corsetry and Revell in the aesthetics of mid-20th century pin-ups, who I have?” Always love? ”, They said.

In orAfter the pictures he showed, You can see her wearing a black dress with stockings on her legs and arms and she wrote on it: “I love these photos and I love to shoot this. Do it when you want. . Fuck everything else. “

How did Billy Eilish start?

It should be recalled that Eilish made an impact on the music scene when she was 13 years old with her song “Ocean Eyes”, which comes from the EP “Up Next Session” and she accompanied her brother Finnes to her room Recorded. Since that time the singer, born in Los Angeles, California, has received countless awards such as Grammys and can even claim that she entered the world of cinema thanks to the latest James Bond film with Daniel Craig.

“No Time to Die”, where he and his brother performed music. “‘It’s about what makes you feel good. If you want to have surgery, do it. If you want to wear a dress that someone thinks you look too big, fuck it, if you think “You look good, you look good,” he assured. “Vogue”.

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