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Billie Eilish, with new album and new image

Billie Eilish, with new album and new image

At just 19 years old, Billie Eilish has released her second worldwide album, happier than ever. After her successful debut album, with which she stunned in 2019, When we all fall asleep, where do we go?Billy rose to fame, then won the Grammy Award for Best Album.

Some of his songs from that first album, like bad man, became a hit for a 17-year-old singer with a darker tone and out of the ordinary.

In this new album, apparently, it goes the other way as it has already been announced by the title. Happier than ever (Happier than ever)) however, what is maintained is a constructive partnership with their brother phineas, which was also a fundamental part of his first musical project.

Billie Eilish Grew Up And Shows It On His New Album.  Photo Ef / Universal Music

Billie Eilish grew up and shows it on his new album. Photo EF / Universal Music

happier than ever

in that line, His image has also changed in this short time. She is no longer seen wearing her hair green with black roots and XXL size clothes, now the singer completely changed the look and opted for a more sensual and romantic style with platinum hair.

According to those listening to his new album, happier than ever It has a lot of emotional ballads that reference certain themes outside of his debut album, such as the single he released in 2019, everything i wanted, or song you will forget Which he recorded with the Spanish Rosalia.

Now Billie Eilish enters other artistic forms. new album 16 songs and, among other things, their lyrics refer to a more existential feeling such as when they sing I have more on my shoulders.

the voice that lives

What hasn’t changed is her unique, personal voice, which has managed to capture the attention of millions around the world when she was just a teenager.

On the album’s first track, Billy sings grow older), and talks about his sudden fame. “I’m getting old, I think I’m fine / I wish someone had told me I’d do it myself So it’s different Always waiting at your door / Which is ironic because strangers love me more than anyone / … too bad they’re usually upsetSays the song.

whispering style which was established as one of the features In its own way, it lives on on this new album, with a more jazzy than pop sound, which also features melodies that refer to bossa nova and an electronic sound.

Among the new themes, Eilish surprises with the sound of mad dogs i didn’t change my number, and in. as a more lysergic Oxytocin. In the song that gives the album its name, happier than ever, Billy vents his frustration towards his ex-boyfriend, whose breakup was not on good terms.

It Doesn'T Go Any Further.  Billie Eilish With Green Hair And Xxl Clothes.  Now He Has Changed His Look.  Photo Reuters / Mike Blake / File Photo

It doesn’t go any further. Billie Eilish with green hair and XXL clothes. Now he has changed his look. Photo Reuters / Mike Blake / FILE PHOTO

This year has been a very productive one for the singer, as with her single your power It garnered over 150 million views in the first two weeks of its release. Also, in February, his documentary, the world’s a little hazyReleased by Apple TV+, received worldwide critical acclaim.

He also published a book billie elisho, which is a visual narrative tour through his life, where he offers personal glimpses of his childhood, his life on tour, hundreds of never-before-seen photographs, among other things.

But these are not just awards, honors and millions in his life. The singer has also spoken publicly about several painful conditions, as she suffers from Tourette’s syndrome and depression.

“Your Power” by Billy Elisho

The song is one of the singles from their second album “Happier Than Ever”.

In 2020, he became the youngest person to appear on the list. Forbes Celebrity 100With earnings of $53 million.