Billie Eilish poses in lingerie for the cover of Vogue

Billie Eilish posed in lingerie for June’s British Vogue Magazine. The singer surprised with an extremely feminine look of lingerie and many corsets. In the cover photos she shows off blonde Marilyn Monroe-style hair, and wears a pink lingerie outfit paired with another flesh color.

The 19-year-old star, who is known for dressing in baggy clothes, posted photos from the photoshoot on her Instagram account. “I love these photos and I loved doing this photo shoot,” he said.

Eilish describes herself as a fan of the so-called pin-ups of the 40s and 50s and said that the idea for the cover was his.“It’s about what makes you feel good,” said the singer in an interview for the magazine.

“If you want to have surgery, do it. They want to wear a dress that someone thinks looks too big, fuck it. If you feel like you look good, you look good, ”Eilish said.

As for the blonde hair in the photos, she said: “Somehow I feel more like a woman.”

Billie Eilish shows off her tattoos in Vogue photoshoot

At the Eilish photo shoot She wears a Burberry trench coat and corset where you can see a tattoo that she got last year, who previously told fans they would never see.

Other photos show the Grammy winner in a sexy Mugler custom black corset. It also shows a corset dress by Alexander McQueen paired with latex gloves, garter belt and stockings by Atsuko Kudo.

The cover for British Vogue magazine is released a few days after the singer released the new single “Your Power,” which is part of her upcoming album. “Happier Than Ever” due out on July 30th.

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