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‘Big Brother’: The Leftovers Alliance Delivers Another Big Blindside That Sends a Power Player Packing

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*Caution: spoilers ahead!

Sometimes, art can transcend simple entertainment and become something bigger—a tale for the ages, like the Greek legends penned by Homer or the timeless quality of Shakespeare’s tragedies filled with irony. basically we’re with this week elder brother.

Thursday’s live eviction episode was filled with tears, frustration, and some accidental betrayal that left some Housewives in shock, and others overjoyed.

So, who wound up sending the packing? Scroll down for the big reveal. Otherwise, here’s how everything got up and running during Thursday’s live show.

In short, the Left Alliance is driving the house and making some amazing drama, even when they’re not meant to be. The alliance is made up of Matthew “Turner” Turner, Kyle Kappner, Joseph Abdeen, Monte Taylor, Brittany Hoops, Michael Brunner and Taylor Hale.

For reasons that so many fans can’t get their heads around, houseguests Nicole Léog and Daniel Durston — who ride-or-die each other — are obsessed with kicking Taylor out of the house from day one , not really for the reason that no one can understand.

Taylor has been on the block time and again, but after The Leftovers Coalition blindsided everyone last week by booting Amira Jones, she is now a central part of the most powerful block of the season. And earlier in the week, she made it clear that she doesn’t want to be back on the block any time soon.

On top of the usual craziness and complexities that stem from alliances, this season also features a feisty bestie twist, where all the house guests are paired up. However, he didn’t choose exactly who he would be paired with, so not all Festy Besties are really allies. For example, Taylor is a feisty bestie with Nicole, who is hell-bent on kicking her out.

The only problem is, when it comes to dishing out nominations, the feisty besties both have to go up the block. So Nicole will also have to risk taking the boot to get Taylor out. And it would be completely useless to even think about it, wouldn’t it? (Here’s the dramatic irony and classic foreshadowing we were talking about earlier.)

So, after last week’s ouster, Monte won HOH, meaning he and festy bestie Joseph (both in The Leftovers) were safe, as was Terrence Higgins, who got his fest when Amira was ousted last week. Had to join the bestie pairing. Terence isn’t in The Leftovers, but he also isn’t doing much in the house right now.

Monte decides to nominate Alyssa Snyder and her festy bestie Indy Santos, who are both not part of The Leftovers. It was a decidedly smart nomination for several reasons. First, Alyssa is a strong player and her growing performance with Kyle could threaten the alliance’s security.

Secondly, if Alyssa is voted out, Indy will be paired with another pair of feisty besties. If they could convince her to join Brittany and Michael it would mean that every single member of The Leftovers would be pairing the feisty bestie with someone outside the alliance – so anyone could be nominated at any time, They can only vote against it. The person is not in alliance and effectively controls the house for the rest of the season.

It’s a brilliant strategy credited to Season 23’s Tiffany Mitchell when it comes to making that season’s historic Cookout Alliance so successful.

However, when it came time for the veto contest, things got complicated. Daniel — who is pretty certain he knows what’s going on in the house, despite knowing objectively almost nothing — is paired with Kyle, and together they won the veto comp.

Despite his loyalty to The Leftovers, Kyle didn’t really want to nominate Alyssa because he has a crush on her. However, he did not actively want to take any step against his own alliance.

Meanwhile, Daniel was convinced that Monte wanted him to use his veto, so he decided not to try throwing curveballs, completely unaware that this was exactly what Monte wanted. However, when Monte tells Daniel that he expects not to use the veto, Daniel is suddenly convinced that Monte is lying.

“Ultimately I wanted to use the power veto because Monte was really pressuring us to keep the nomination the same. I haven’t trusted Monte since the Amira vote,” Daniels told the diary room. “This is an opportunity for me to take a shot at the new alliance that seems to be forming.”

Therefore, Daniel decides to use the veto. This means that Kyle looked like he saved Alyssa, while at the same time not having to betray his alliance. This paved the way for Monte to nominate another pair – Taylor and Nicole.

Essentially, through a combination of manipulation, arrogance, and paranoia, the Left forces Daniel to essentially put their only ally on the chopping block.

However, because of the aforementioned arrogance, Daniel and Nicole were still confident that the house would vote for Taylor instead. In a quiet moment together, Nicole and Daniel also mocked the other houseguests for being “the Joker” and laughed at them for nominating Taylor.

The old adage that pride comes before a fall has never been fully demonstrated in a reality TV show in recent memory.

And that brings us to Thursday’s Live Eviction Night!

With Nicole and Taylor on the chopping block, each of them was given a chance to appeal to their fellow house guests to keep them in the house.

Nicole was the first to say, “I told myself that I would come into this game with loyalty and integrity at the table. This week has humbled me. I promise that if you decide to keep me in this game I will I will continue to play with humility and grace. This week has set fire under me and I promise you that I will fight for my life in this house and I will fight for the lives of you guys to make sure that The right person wins this game. I love you all.”

Taylor, after weeks of gaslighting and subtle aggression from Nicole and Danielle, essentially used their appeal to speak their mind and deliver surprisingly offensive speech.

“Nicole, to quote a elder brother Super fans, Rihanna, you look great right now. Choosing Me as Your Festy Bestie You thought that was your security blanket, but here we are, both sitting on the chopping block. “To the house guests, if you keep me in this game you’ve always understood where I stand. I’ve never covered a track, I’ve never tried to mislead any of you If you have Nicole, you’ll have someone to wrap your finger around to get you the things you need. It’s not a game I want to play. Going forward, you’ll always know That’s where I stand. I love you all, including Nicole.”

Between Taylor’s appeal and some low-key gameplay from Monte, it seems that Alyssa, Jasmine Davis, and Indy were convinced they didn’t want to be on the wrong side of the majority of the house, and all took Nicole to boot. Voted for, with the remainder.

By a 9-to-1 vote, Nicole was sent packing. The lone vote for Taylor clearly comes from Daniels, who now realizes that he is more lonely at home than he ever realized.

Nicole, however, took the ejection well, and shared a hug and farewell before leaving the house and sitting down for an exit interview with host Julie Chen Moonves.

When asked about Taylor’s final speech, Nicole said, “I thought it was surprising and comical. She said nothing but the truth. I thought I’d be able to manipulate her and control her game.” , which in turn will provide me security.”

“I thought we had enough people to be able to get on our side,” Nicole said when asked about her faith going into the live vote, “and to keep me safe and To finally get Taylor out of the house because he had that has been the main goal for the past several weeks.”

When Julie revealed the identity of The Leftovers, Nicole said she was “not at all” surprised by who was part of the group and not too surprised by the fact that she had responded to Taylor’s treatment of Daniel two weeks earlier. was constituted.

After Nicole left, Taylor was given the option to team up with a Kiss set of feisty besties, and Taylor chose Indy and Alyssa! Meaning the Left’s plan to include everyone in an alliance with those outside the coalition has still come to fruition.

However, only time will tell whether Daniel’s home isolation will destroy his motivation or put him on the sidelines.

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