Home Entertainment ‘Big Brother’ season 23: first guest is evicted after a wild week

‘Big Brother’ season 23: first guest is evicted after a wild week

'Big Brother' season 23: first guest is evicted after a wild week

After a wild week in the Eldest brother home, the first guest was fired on Thursday.

Season 23 of Eldest brother It hit full speed after Brandon “Frenchie” French earned the title of Head of the Family and his team, The Jokers, were sure of elimination.

He then proceeded to make a lot of promises to just about everyone in the house, arguing that he wanted to put a “jerk” on the block for the first eviction and claiming that he wasn’t going to nominate any women or people of color.

His gaze was on Christian Birkenberger, but when Christian won immunity, Frenchie’s frenzied plans fell into disarray, because he had already promised too many things to too many people and now he was spiraling.

So, he ended up nominating Kyland Young and Alyssa Lopez, both contestants who are POC and one of whom is a woman, essentially breaking all of his plans.

Needless to say, everyone is puzzled by Frenchie’s motives and confused by his plans; this apparently includes Frenchie, who repeatedly tries to explain himself, but sounds more like he’s frantically rationalizing quick decisions rather than making logical decisions.

After Derek Xiao won the veto competition, Frenchie convinced Derek to veto Kyland and remove him from the block, allowing Frenchie to nominate Travis Long, whom Frenchie previously promised he would not nominate.

Needless to say, going into Thursday’s eviction episode, Frenchie had a lot of influence in the house but almost no confidence. While Frenchie was unable to return home on Thursday, he is certainly a great goal in the week ahead.

When it was finally time for the eviction vote, both Alyssa and Travis had a chance to defend themselves with speeches addressed to the other guests.

“First I want to say thank you because we all know that my anxiety has been crazy this week and literally for the first hour you guys supported me and understood a lot, and you have no idea how much that meant to me,” Alyssa shared on a sincere speech. “Having said that, I would love to continue playing this game with all of you and get to know you even more. And no matter how I respect whatever decision you make.”

As for Travis’s speech, the 22-year-old Honolulu native immediately took off his shirt to show off his abs, while his housemates laughed. However, his speech was genuine and sentimental.

“Guests, you have taught me throughout these last eight days that it is possible to love, fall deeply in love with 15 people at the same time. I have a love, a support and an irresistible desire that you all be perverse successful far beyond and outside the walls of the Eldest brother home, “Travis shared, adding with a smile,” And if someone discovers the stains on my bed, on my sheets, it’s not what you think. They played a prank on me with some shaving cream while I was sleeping. “

While Travis is clearly a likeable guy, he’s also a clearly strong competitor who could pose a threat to everyone’s game down the road, so he has to go. The vote is 11-2 for Travis, which means the handsome guest is the first to leave.

After saying goodbye to everyone, Travis sat down with host Julie Chen Moonves and reflected on Frenchie’s decision to nominate him for eviction.

“I have a lot of honor and respect for Frenchie. [He’s] here playing for his family, playing for his children. But he makes a lot of promises, “Travis said.” With that, he made me a promise the first day he got into the louse with the kids, he said, ‘You all are safe, like, with me, as a man, I have you guys.’ I said straight to him, ‘That’s a bold claim.’ And, indeed, it did not maintain it. “

With Travis gone, the game is down to 15 players, several large alliances, multiple “final two deals” (several of which Frenchie has with different people), and there are plenty of guests with understandable trust issues as the show progresses. .

New episodes of Eldest brother air Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 pm ET / PT on CBS. Meanwhile, the 24-hour live stream is available to stream on Paramount +.