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‘Big Brother 23’: Frenchie Says His Chaotic Reign Was Part Of The Plan (Exclusive)

'Big Brother 23': Frenchie Says His Chaotic Reign Was Part Of The Plan (Exclusive)

Eldest brotherThe second evicted guest, Brandon “Frenchie” French, made his two-week stay count, even if it was one of the wildest and most unpredictable starts to a season in recent memory.

Crowned the season’s first family head, Frenchie had his sights set on eliminating a “power player,” also known as a sportsman, but his plan quickly fell apart following a trail of broken promises and not-so-secret alliances with nearly every guest (he even tried unsuccessfully to start a women’s alliance) and a revolving door of ever-changing goals. After you chose do not To attempt two weeks of safety when host Julie Chen Moonves presented him with the offer last week, which would have kept him in the house last week 2, Frenchie easily jumped to the top of the list and became a safe target for HOH. Young Kyland to draw.

“A lot of things went wrong, but I wouldn’t change a thing,” the 34-year-old Tennessee farmer proclaimed himself. Eldest brother super fan told ET on Friday morning after his eviction. “I came into this game knowing what I wanted to see as a fan and that was my final downfall. I played that way, rather than playing for myself in the moment.”

During his exit interview with ET, Frenchie explains why he has no regrets about his chaotic career at the Eldest brother house, his biggest mistake that led to his early departure from Week 2 and how he thinks fans will perceive it.

ET: Your time in the Eldest brother house was interrupted, but you definitely made it count. What went wrong?

Brandon “Frenchie” French: A lot of things went wrong, but I wouldn’t change a thing. And I achieved my goal of week 1 that I wanted. If I were to leave early, I hope future seasons will see that it’s time to go. And I hope they continue that trend.

You were the first head of the family of the season. Going through the past Bed and breakfast history, that doesn’t exactly lead to success most of the time. You are also a super fan, so how do you explain your chaotic reign as HOH?

It is a melting pot of different things. I came into this game knowing what I wanted to see as a fan and that was my last downfall. I played that way, instead of playing for myself at the time. So I had some things I wanted done. I didn’t want to see a boring first week and everyone gets along all the time. So I turned that dial up to 400 degrees. I wanted to see what people were really like. I was like, “Okay, let’s get this party started.” And that’s what happened. The best way I can explain it is that it was a wrecking ball that I sent this way and I knew it would come back this way eventually. And it came back a little faster than I thought before I could dodge it.

You made a lot of deals and alliances and, as a result, you had to break a lot of promises. What was your biggest mistake?

Not expecting the unexpected, 100 percent, because when you walk in as HOH, you think you have this great group of people to choose from. And my pool became a drop. He literally had a very select list of people he could even put on, from Christian saving himself and the like. Then on top of that, what I wanted to achieve that week, there were a lot of keys in that. It was chaos from the start. I’m glad it was entertaining because I’m telling you, I was stressed out to the max. Daggum, I’m glad it turned out the way I wanted it at the end of the week because if it didn’t, I don’t know what I would have done.

Even when things went wrong, he acted as if the outcome was what he wanted and was part of a larger plan, even if some of the movements might not line up or make no logical sense. You mentioned that things were going your way, what was it? Can you share information on that?

I knew I wanted to swing in. I got tired of “kumbaya” for four weeks straight and a few boring first episodes of Eldest brother. I knew I wanted to come in and do Older brother 23 something that when people started watching from episode 1, they were like this, on the edge of their seat. And I knew I wanted that as a fan. So to create that, I knew I was Head of Household, so I had to create that. I turned up the heat, made everyone sweat. I had a final goal that week which was to get an athlete out. I knew that at the end of the week, that was my ultimate goal no matter what. It was a roller coaster ride to get there, but I got there. I’m sure it was entertaining for a lot of people, but it definitely wasn’t for me all week. I was stressed all week. People said, “Do you regret something or would you change it?” No, because the end result was exactly what I wanted. An athlete went home. I hope future seasons, if they don’t take anything from this season, kick off that trend and make it the new normal. If that happened, and it has to be my sacrifice, then I agree with that. It is what it is at that moment. I am willing to do that if that happens from now on.

So you wouldn’t have done anything different during your HOH week? Would you have stayed a little lower?

He wouldn’t have told everyone they were safe. I would have kept it in my head. I would have been like, “Okay, these people are safe in my head. I would have put it here. [points to his head]]instead of here [points to his mouth]. That was definitely something that would have changed if he could redo it. But as for the result of Week 1, I am happy with what happened and who it left with. That, to me, was important to me. And like I said, it was a train accident to get there, but I got there.

What was your action plan if you were not evicted this week?

Bend down, repair, repair, repair. She knew she had created a lot the first week and knowing she was sitting on the block with Britini, she knew she couldn’t campaign against her. But if I had stayed instead of her, it would have been to hit the repair mode button all the way, just fixing those relationships and trying to put the slaughterhouse back together so I could break it again. That was my goal from the beginning, but not as fast as it did. I wanted to keep those people close because those were the athletes I didn’t trust when entering the game. So I wanted to finish figuring out how they worked. And when I did that, I would start to plan a way for other people to remove them one by one. That’s what I would have done.

On live broadcasts, there was a time when he threatened to evict himself. How close were you to leaving the game early or was it a sympathy play?

No, it was not really a play of sympathy. It had nothing to do with the game. That was something personal that Azah and I talked about. It had nothing to do with Eldest brother, period. I firmly believe now that God gave me my dream, but in the process, He made sure that I would humble myself and I definitely humbled myself. It had nothing to do with the game and I wouldn’t change any of that. Would I have gone home? Probably not. Absolutely not. Did I think about it for a second? Yes, but I wouldn’t have. Some things in life are more important than … Actually, many things in life are more important than this game. And that was a humbling moment for me and it was something I needed, not just in the game but in my life. And I’m glad it happened and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. I think Azah, and for being such a wonderful person who helped me open my eyes to what he did, I am thankful for that.

During your time at the house, you said that it was important for you not to target women and minorities. But you ended up nominating a person of color (Kyland) and a woman (Alyssa), and you also targeted Derek X. as a backdoor option. Why did you turn away from that?

Derek X. created a goal on himself. He was never intentionally on my radar. I was only going to see the alliance they were forming. He created a goal for himself, and not just for me, but for various people in the house. He had another problem that I told him, as a person … I’m not going to go into that, but that was handled and, not by me, but by someone else. Another thing is that Alyssa is very close to Christian. I couldn’t get Christian because he saved himself. So she was the person closest to him, no matter what he was or was. She would never come home and I knew it in my head, but I wanted to text Christian. And I think that message came out loud and clear. With Kyland, he’s the only person she trusted on the entire list that she could possibly put together that she knew would use the veto in order to get Travis. Travis is a tough competitor. If I gave him a chance to go out, he would have gone out on his own. He did not know that he was going to be chosen for the veto. But at the time, he had no idea. I didn’t want to give him the opportunity to do it. If I had nominated Brent, the slaughterhouse would have exploded instantly without my being able to control the explosion. That would have been detrimental to me, Derek F., Azah, Britini. It would have been detrimental to each and every one of us. So that wasn’t an option because he didn’t want to jeopardize his game.

So really, all he had was Travis. He was the target for me in my head nonstop. For me it was twofold. Alyssa texted Christian. He knew he wasn’t going home. That point was understood. And in Kyland, he trusted him. So if something crazy happened, like when the HOHs, when they were able to let me roll the dice, I firmly thought something like that was going to happen in the veto. So I’m sitting looking at these very select keys because there aren’t many people to choose from, 99 percent are women or people of color. And I was just sitting there looking at him like, “Who do I trust the most on this list?” And it was Kyland. So I put it there to make sure, one, was used. And not only that, but if something special happens, I can trust you with whatever I get, if that’s the case. It is a strong competitor. As I walked in, I knew I would. In fact, I got so mad about it after the nominations that I went straight to the bathroom and sat there and cried because I felt like a hypocrite. But he knew that when it came to the game, that was the decision he had to make. Because to get to my ultimate goal, they had to be done. And that was the only way to do everything I had to do and still achieve my ultimate goal. And I did it. I would not change that.

Now that you are going to be back in the world again, how do you think they will receive you Eldest brother Fans?

Honestly, I don’t care. I am who I am and I never let people’s opinions of me define who I am as a person. So, regardless of whether I am hated or whether I am loved, I will always be who I am going to be outside of this house. I don’t let people’s opinions define who I am.

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