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‘Big Brother 23’: first evicted Travis talks about why he thinks Frenchie is ‘in the clear’ for now (exclusive)

'Big Brother 23': first evicted Travis talks about why he thinks Frenchie is 'in the clear' for now (exclusive)

Someone had to be the first to carry on Eldest brother And unfortunately for Travis Long, his time inside the house came to an abrupt end.

After a rollercoaster week in which goals changed quickly and for no reason, the 22-year-old Honolulu resident and tech consultant was evicted by an 11-2 vote, making him the first guest of season 23. in leaving the house. Initially it was not the goal; after Brandon “Frenchie” French won as Head of Household, Travis’ safety was almost assured (Frenchie promised Travis he was safe on Day 1). But of course in the Eldest brother home, actions speak louder than words, and Frenchie’s trail of broken promises meant that Travis suffered the unexpected downfall.

Following a series of worst-case scenarios for Frenchie, from his actual goal Christian Birkenberger winning the wild card competition to his next goal Derek Xiao coming out on top in the Power of Veto, Travis used his last move just before Thursday’s eviction live to try it. and blowing up Frenchie’s game, something that may affect the game in the future. Still, Travis believes that Frenchie is in a decent place in the house, even though it has been made very clear that nothing he says can be trusted.

“It was well received from the players because I think they have always been a little skeptical about the number of promises Frenchie makes,” Travis told ET Friday morning during a Zoom call about his last-minute pre-match speech. eviction. “I think they all wanted some of them to come out and I handed it to them on a silver platter. I think that will be put to good use later so that their games target Frenchie when they finally want to turn the house against him.”

In a chat with ET, Travis reacts to being the first season 23 guest to be evicted, what he could have done better and who he thinks is in the best and worst positions in the house right now.

ET: Someone had to be the first to leave the Eldest brother home, and unfortunately, it was you. How do you feel about all this?

Travis Long: It had to be someone and regardless of the fact that it was me and it was a short race, it was an incredible experience. I am very, very grateful to get in there and make the friendships that I did. I think they will last well beyond the walls of Big Brother’s house. And ultimately, it wouldn’t have even changed a thing about the game he played. I am a socialite. I went in there and made friends and I value those friendships, maybe a little more than my own strategic game, but that’s the type of person I am. I deeply love and throw myself into friendships completely, and I am very, very, very grateful for that.

You didn’t really make strategic alliances for the first week. Who would you have aligned with if you had another chance and do you think it would have made a difference?

Yes, I think I wanted, and tried very badly, to line up on Day 2 with Derek X., with Kyland and I wanted to take Frenchie there just for the sake of it. And in the future, I would have wanted to attract Brent sooner than I did. That would have been a full power alliance, I think, competitively. And there were also a lot of social games between those players. So I think it would have been a unit to consider.

In last night’s exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, you said that you believed that “the white guy with abs” are often in the spotlight early on. Do you really believe that? Is that something you think is true in the Eldest brother play?

“Surfer’s Curse”, as it’s called, lives up to its name. I don’t want to totally blame that as opposed to any of my own actions and my failure to form an alliance that likely ultimately led to my demise. But I think it’s an easy target. It’s not to honk my own horn too much, but when you have the physical build that I have and the charisma and socialization skills, it could be painted as a target quite easily. And also my experience. I am the author of a book. I graduated early from business school. I have done a lot of things that only point to that I have some wit about myself and that is easy to identify.

Julie revealed last night that you tried to blow up Frenchie’s game before your eviction. Obviously we didn’t get to see that. What did you say and how was it received by the house?

There he had two avenues of advancement. He could have absolutely burned his ass in front of everyone in the pre-eviction speech or he could do it more strategically and hand those cards out to people to tuck into their sleeves and use productively when it would benefit their own game. . Ultimately, I opted for the last decision because I am not the vindictive type. I didn’t want to leave with a frown or a cruel look from the great Mr. Mean French. And it was well received by the players, as I think they have always been a bit skeptical about the number of promises Frenchie makes. I think they all wanted some of them to come out and I gave them to them on a silver platter. I think it will be used well later so that their games target Frenchie when they finally want to turn the house against him.

So, do you think your speech affected the game in terms of how to handle Frenchie?

I think it did. Everyone, yes, they already distrusted him, but they needed cement tests to bring up. My return home was exactly that.

What was your game plan if you were not evicted in week 1?

My game plan going into the house was to look silly, without having a single thought in my head and slipping under the radar like that, but that didn’t really work out well. They didn’t really pick me for a team from the start and I think it’s because I sold myself a little less. So I probably went overboard by selling some of my accomplishments and some of the things that I have worked on in my professional and educational career. I think I needed to find a balance and a point of balance between looking worthless and looking like a good person to use on a team. But going forward, it would have fueled the personal relationships that I had developed with Brent, with Frenchie, with Derek X. and with Ky and formed a powerful alliance, maybe within an alliance, because now I know that something else was going on there. that I did not know.

Who do you think is in the best position right now?

I think Kyland is in an incredible position. Obviously the power he gets when the head of the family wins and I think he will reign really well. I don’t think there’s a lot of drama and it’s actually well positioned in the sense that Frenchie has a lot of influence in the house right now. Frenchie had the initial goal of eliminating Christian. I think a good move on Kyland’s part to not get more blood on his hands is to continue with that goal. Maybe put a goal on a Christian and just blame it on the fact that he still wants to abide by the Frenchie rule and remove the blood.

Who should be more concerned about your safety?

I think Christian should be the most concerned this week, but in terms of the most concerned overall, I think poor Derek X. has his mouth so incredibly open that bugs are going to get in. I love the boy. He was the “showmance” who never made it with me, unfortunately there wasn’t enough time there. But the guy is too carefree. He tells everyone everything. I guess people see him as the silly kid who can’t keep his mouth shut and that won’t lead to an alliance. That won’t get you talking about strategy with people. That will make you disappear.

If you were a gambler, who do you think will be the next evicted?

If I were a gambling man, I would say that Christian is going to win some competition that will save him. I think it will also gain some security for someone else on your team. And then your team will be untouchable this week. My team, the Queens, is obviously untouchable. That leaves Frenchie’s team and Brent’s team. I could see maybe Whitney being teased or, I’m trying to think of who else Kyland isn’t really close to. I think it would have to be between Whitney and Hannah on that side of things, just because they’re wild cards right now. They have not necessarily proven to be of great value, but both are competitors. Whitney would be a great athletic competitor and Hannah would be a great brain memory competitor and Kyland knows it.

And you think Frenchie is free?

I think it’s safe because it would take a big move and essentially a total house makeover to get away from Frenchie’s reign. He is a seemingly authoritarian figure, especially for many of the young people in the house. He’s a bit intimidating for a lot of people and that fear has kept people on his side. If Kyland tried to do something that big and it blew up in his face, he would go home.

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