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Bicho Gomez’s daughter Rocio passes casting to make her television debut as Uma in “The First of Us.”

his character in the first of us, Teleph Stripe attracted attention as soon as it hit the screen. Rocio Gómez Vlasco plays Uma, the teenage daughter of Benjamin Vicuna’s fictional character Santiago, and marks her television debut.

Thus, with a fresh, fresh and confident attitude, he settled on a similar and equal to the rest of the characters to share history: Vicuna, Paola Crum, Damien di Santo, Luciano Castro, Jorgelina Aruzzi and Mercedes Funes in addition to . Even then, Rocio never did a strip or anything on television,

“Working with him, over the course of eight months of recording last year, was an incredible experience,” Roccio says. “There were twelve hours a day; I had no experience in television and was less in strips, so it was a great learning experience.”

In the strip, Rocio plays a 16-year-old teenager, although in real life she is 24.  photo lucia merle

In the strip, Rocio plays a 16-year-old teenager, although in real life she is 24. photo lucia merle

Rossio had already done several commercials and . for the character of First… was chosen by a casting, It was in the middle of a pandemic when she sent out a video in which she was seen performing some scenes from The Strip. ,I sent it and forgot. And two months later he called me. He didn’t give me much information and neither did I know anything about the cast. That’s when I got to know that it was for this project in prime time,” he says.

In fiction, she plays a 16-year-old teenager, although in real life she is 24. “Despite the fact that Uma is younger, she still gives me a little face and attitude. To put it together, I go back a little bit to my teens Although I’m still playing and being a little girl,” she admits.

TV, a crash course

Although she had no television experience, Rossio has trained as an actress: Studied at EMAD and Hugo Midone School, among other spaces. “It’s important to train, but later you learn a lot of other things with practice. Shooting the Strip Was a Crash Course in Everything“, He says.

Her profession as an actress comes from a family tradition: Her father is actor Bicho Gomez and her mother, Viviana Vlosco, is a choreographer and dancer., “I grew up in that environment and it was quite logical that I turned to art. I chose this path from a very young age and he always supported me; acting is really something that has to offer me,” she Tells.

“Secret” Casting

when he went to the casting for the telefe strip He didn’t say anything about his relationship with the comedian, “I didn’t want any pressure, I was another one. When I stopped, I told them so they would know and everything was clear and everything was fine.” Her father also did not know about the casting and found out when Rossio was chosen to be a part of the cast.

“When I told my father imagine my father was going to be benjamin vicua, it was so funnyWe laughed a lot,” recalls the actress. “After all, they are not so different.”

Rocío Gómez Vlosco was cast by the casting for "The First of Us".  photo lucia merle

Rocío Gómez Vlosco was cast by the casting for “The First of Us”. photo lucia merle

El Bicho Gomez and Rocio have already worked together Several times but, so far, she has only been in the production of a few comedians’ shows. “I would love to act with my father again,” he says. “He is a very complete artist that I admire and entertain me a lot”.

Vicuna’s “daughter” and Bicho’s daughter…

For Rocio, the plot of First…It has several interesting twists, as one of its protagonists, Santiago, has an incurable disease. “You know what’s going to happen but a lot of things happen in between and it’s good to see how it pans out.”

On the other hand, the father/daughter relationship that their character has with Vichuna is also central to the story. “there are a bond of trust and freedom between them which I think is great to convey as a message, I was raised that way and I like to tell it from fiction as well.”

after effect generated by the first of usMany doors open professionally for Rocio. But she prefers to keep her feet on the ground. “In this profession” You have to learn to deal with disappointments and ups and downs“, he says. “But luckily things are looking up.”

Also, the theater in Noon Room closed

With some experience in independent theater, Rocio . ending the third season of infinity of parts, the play he performs on Wednesdays at the Nuns Theatre, Villa Crespo Room, while recording a new series. “But I can’t say anything about that project right now,” he says.

For her first television appearance, Rossio assures that it is difficult for her to see herself on screen. “I still do it because it helps to set things right,” he admits. “And also because I like to watch my colleagues and explore everything that goes on behind the scenes to complete the product. A whole slew of details that you don’t appreciate when you’re done.” can and it is very important to continue to learn”.


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