Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo sue (photos and videos)

It seems that even in the best of families, the number of guests at a wedding can cause a great lawsuit

MEXICO.-Family Series CapetilloBiby and Eduardo, Reality“Was released, and they were surprised by the first episode, as it featured A tremendous lawsuit The couple acted.

Their five children, twins Daniel and Manuel, Ana Paula, Alejandra and Eduardo Jr., and Capetillo’s mother, Mrs. Mari, also participate in the reality show.

Why did they fight with warmth?

Bibi and Eduardo Wanted to show his plan in the first chapter Silver wedding, The incident caused the actress to want to celebrate big, but due to various reasons they could not celebrate their marriage on the scheduled date.

However, the episode becomes interesting when the differences between the actress and Capetillo begin Number of guests not agreed.

But that wouldn’t be the only reason The couple will end the fightWell, Bibi hired two wedding planners who suggested that she make some changes to her farm to host the party.

The idea was not felt by Eduardo Capetillo, who was upset because Bibi had told him about the idea of ​​wedding planners. Even he did not ask the cameraman to record it while he was arguing with his wife.

“Hey little girl, I think it’s silly what you’re doing […] Give me a chance don’t record now […]Capitol says.

For her part, Bibby Guyton clarified that she did not like that Eduardo spoke to her that way in front of the cameras.

“You go too far, how can you talk to me like this in front of all the people, that’s why later they feel that you are very angry […] The dancer is also heard saying.

vision Video here

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