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Bhavi sold out another recital at the Vórterix theater in record time and added a third date

Bhavi is one of the most important rising artists on the current trap scene, and proof of this is having sold out the tickets for his first show at the Vorterix Theater on September 17 in just 30 minutes, the official presentation of his new album popcorn.

He immediately announced a second date for the following day, which also hung the Sold Out sign in record time.

Bhavi in ​​the Abasto, June 2022, in the presentation of "Pochoclos".

Bhavi in ​​the Abasto, June 2022, in the presentation of “Pochoclos”.

Now, for all those who were left wanting, the singer added a third date for Saturday, September 24.

Tickets can be purchased by www.allaccess.com.ar

The rage in the Abasto

Bhavi at the Abasto show.

Bhavi at the Abasto show.

Bhavi has just starred in a surprise meeting at Hoyts del Shopping Abasto, where the exclusive pre-listening of the album was held in a movie theater and thousands of fans came to the showcase, thus crowning the release of this new material.

Before, the talented artist began 2022 presenting the themes good, yesterday along with Lit Killah, DYLM along with the Santa Fe Klan, Looks good with Laylow and puff next to Bizarre.


The cover of "Pochoclos"

The cover of “Pochoclos”

According to Bhavi, “With popcorn closes the trilogy of the last two and a half years, which began with the EP armchairs and it was the heated engines for the departure of Cinema. I was making this album at the same time and I always knew there were going to be three projects. He also knew the names and in turn came the idea of ​​the character Pochoclin who is alone in that post-apocalyptic world.”

And he added: “From the art of the hand of Nico De Matia, to the production, there was always a seed that was planted and grew and led to this latest project that I am completely proud of. It also has some very special collaborations. It is a honor to have worked with all these people, from France, Colombia, to Mexico”.

As he told after the launch, “Closing with the event we did in Abasto is the icing on the cake was something very nice, giving people a gift for having accompanied me these three years, and that thanks to them everything is possible.”

About Bhavi

Cazzu, Seven Kayne, Khea, Ecko and Bhavi at the beginning of their careers as rag pickers

Cazzu, Seven Kayne, Khea, Ecko and Bhavi at the beginning of their careers as rag pickers

Indra Bhalavan, better known in the artistic world as Bhavi, is a nationalized Belgian trap and rap singer from Argentina. He was born in Ukkle, Brussels, Belgium, on October 22, 1997. He has become one of the greatest representatives of Argentine trap, recording songs together with greats of the genre such as: Duki, Ecko and Khea.

In 2021, Bhavi brought trap legends Neo Pistea and YSY A together in January to make They don’t know anymoreand later teamed up with Khea to make the video and single What happened?.

Before, in March 2020, he released the video and song together with John C Tour. He also participated in C90 (Remix). On April 15, anticipating what would be her new EP, she presented the single Super Sumo. In May he released an EP called Butaka It contained four songs. On August 13, he released Butaka Remix with the collaboration of Aleman, Big Soto, Akapellah and Neo Pistea. And on December 15 he presented mirages” with the special collaboration of Cazzu.


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