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Beyoncé invites you to live the pleasures after the storm at Renaissance

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A big party, an invitation to hedonism and carefree living after a few difficult years for everyone. Beyoncé has moved away from political intensity and her calculated perfection in renaissancethe first album of a three-part project he has worked on in recent years.

Inspired by disco and house music from the ’80s and ’90sthe American artist published her new collection of 16 songs full of synthesizers, voiceovers and references to icons such as Grace Jones, Giorgio Moroder or rappers Nile Rodgers and Drake.

aware that it is one of the few people capable of crippling the music industry with a single moveLast month, Beyoncé broke her usual secrecy to announce that she had an album ready that she had worked on during the pandemic.

Beyoncé during her Super Bowl halftime show this year.  AFP photo

Beyoncé during her Super Bowl halftime show this year. AFP photo

The purpose of Renaissance

“My intention was create a safe place, a place without judgment, a place in which to be freed from perfectionism and excessive thinking. A place to scream, let go, be free,” the singer said.

The star, known for following a calculated strategy in everything he does, was thus moving away from the hallmark he had carved out with his previous releases.

Beyoncethe self-titled album that elevated her status in pop, was released by surprise at Christmas 2013 and lemonade premiered in 2016 as an exquisite musical film full of criticism of racism still present in the United States.

Between those two projects and renaissance, Beyoncé did not stop publishing material either: In 2018 she presented an album with her husband Jay-Z under the pseudonym The Carters; in 2019 she premiered the documentary home coming about her performance at Coachella and later participated in The Gift, the ambitious soundtrack of The Lion King.

Nevertheless, renaissance It means the solo return of the Texan and a break with everything that came before.

Away from the political

Beyoncé, in a 2022 production.

Beyoncé, in a 2022 production.

I’m That Girlthe album’s opening track, kicks off the party with a pounding base that repeats “please, crazy people, don’t stop me” while Beyoncé raps about being “indecent”, “losing my mind” and “being high all the time”.

That same mantra appears in other songs like the label break my soulwhose lyrics echo the “great retreat” of burnt-out employees in the US, celebrating that someone “has quit their job” and is looking for “new motivation.”

Not even the cut that a priori seemed like the album’s political anthem, America Has a Problem, contains social complaints. The reference title a song by Kilo Ali about cocaine addiction in the ’90sfrom which it takes its base to transform its lyrics into an allegory about love.

At a time when more and more people recognize that they do not pay attention to the news to avoid becoming depressed, it seems that Beyoncé has understood that the problem of the world, at least of the United States, is that of needing a place where you can be spontaneous and imperfect in the face of an increasingly calculated reality and suffocating, both in the physical world and on the internet.

“I heard they just paid you, make it rain, energy. She’s more from Cancun and he’s from Saint Tropez,” she sings over a funky base on Energya very short song of just two minutes in which the rapper collaborates beam.

Even here she is ironic about the “Karens” (popular term for a racist white woman) who turn people who, like her, just want to have fun into “terrorists.”

But not everything is as carefree as it seems in renaissance. For example Energyby duration, lyrics and phrasing, tIt has all the ingredients to go viral on TikTok. And the almost-gospel of Church Girl Y Move they beg for more than one dance step.

Beyoncé signed up for TikTok a few weeks ago so now it remains to be seen what promotion campaign, or party, mounts on the social network for this and the other two albums that he has already promised.

Source: EFE / Javier Romualdo


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