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Beyoncé changes the lyrics to a song on her new album because it’s offensive

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A few weeks after singer Lizzo had to change the lyrics of a song for using the offensive word, Beyoncé has had to change the lyrics of a song on her new album for using the same term.

The song is part of his new album Renaissance, which was released just last week. YOU MAY BE INTERESTED: Chris Evans replied to Lizzo on a text she sent him while drunk. It was reported through a statement from their spokesperson that the word was not used intentionally, so it is being substituted.

What was the offensive word Beyoncé used and in which song does she have to change the lyrics? The subject in question is “Heated,” a song co-written with Drake that uses the word “spaz,” which is seen as a derogatory nod to the medical term spastic diplegia, a form of cerebral palsy. “Spazzin’ on that ass, spazz on that ass” sings Beyoncé in the song, which caused controversy days after its release. In June, Lizzo also removed the word from her song “Grrrls.” For his part, the performer of About Damn Time.

On social networks, people with disabilities asked artists to pay more attention to the terms and words they use. “So Beyoncé used the word ‘Spaz’ in her new song ‘Heated.’ It feels like a slap in the face and for those with disabilities after the progress we’ve been trying to make with Lizzo. I think we’re going to keep telling the entire industry that works better until the insults in the music go away,” said one user. So @Beyonce used the word “Spaz” in her new song, Heated. Feels to me , the disability community and the advances we were trying to make with Lizzo I guess I’ll keep telling the whole industry to do better until ableistic slurs go out of music 💔— Hannah Diviney (@hannah_diviney) July 30, 2022

Reference from lanoticia

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