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Beyoncé changed the lyrics to a song because it was offensive to the disabled

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Just one weekend after releasing his album renaissance, Beyonce announced that he will change the lyrics of one of his songs because he uses a term that “is offensive” towards people with Special capabilitiesespecially those with paralysis.

In a theme verse heatedthe singer uses the word “space”associated with a pejorative use that, however, seems that the American included with a completely different connotation.

While in common English “spaz” refers to people with some kind of motor paralysisespecially people who have difficulty controlling their limbs, in vernacular English, the slang spoken by the African-American community, the word also means “lose control”, “shake” or “go crazy”.

The album "renaissance" It's inspired by disco and house music from the '80s and '90s.  Clarin Archive Photos

The album “Renaissance” is inspired by the disco and house music of the ’80s and ’90s. Clarin Archive Photos

Spazzin on that ass, spazz on that asssings Beyonce in Heated.

Even so, the explanation does not seem to have convinced many of his followers and other groups, especially from the United Kingdom, that during the weekend they protested for the lyrics of the song.

“Beyoncé’s commitment to musical and visual storytelling is unparalleled, as is her power to bring the world’s attention to the stories, struggles and experience of being a black woman (…) But that doesn’t excuse her use of discriminatory language, which is too often used and ignored…”, wrote the activist Hannah Diviney in the influential British daily TheGuardian.

Following the uproar, Beyoncé’s team confirmed to the media that “the word, used without intent to hurt, will be replaced” in her live performances.

Beyoncé, and one of her new looks, for "Vogue".

Beyoncé, and one of her new looks, for “Vogue”.

The interpreter of crazy in love she is not the first to have to re-record a song for this matter, last June, Lizzo published a new interpretation of his single grrrls because in the original version it said that she was “she a ‘spaz”.

“I don’t want to promote the use of derogatory language. As a fat black woman in the United States, many terms have been used against me and I understand the power of language,” Lizzo said in her apology.


Regardless of the controversy, Beyoncé’s latest -and acclaimed- work is going to be a success. The specialized critics gave it a “9 out of 10” score and, in terms of sales, the album is expected to debut at number 1 on Billboard with numbers higher than 300,000 copies equivalents. This is the estimated number of sales produced on the first day of launch alone, so it should rise – or at least not change much – during the week.

Inspired by the disco music and house of the ’80s and ’90s, the American artist published her new collection of 16 songs full of synthesizers, voiceovers and references to icons such as Grace Jones, Giorgio Moroder or rappers Nile Rodgers and Drake.

“My intention was to create a safe place, a place without judgment, a place to be freed from perfectionism and excessive thinking. A place to scream, let go, be free,” said the singer before the release of her new job. .

Source Agencies EFE and AP


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