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Bevin Prince’s ‘One Tree Hill’ co-stars share their support after her husband’s death

bevin prince one Tree Hill His co-stars are supporting him in the midst of a tragedy. Following the death of Prince’s husband William Friend by lightning, her former co-stars took to social media to pay tribute to her.

Prince, who has been married to Friend since 2016, starred as Bevin one Tree Hill for six seasons. Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton, Daniel Ackles and Kate Voegele — who played Brooke Davis, Peyton Sawyer, Rachel Gatina and Mia Catalano, respectively — were among the cast speaking online.

“Heartbroken and at a loss,” Bush wrote on her Instagram Story alongside a loving shot of the Prince and friend. “Our family grieve for one of us. Please upvote @bevinaprince in any way possible. Show her the love she deserves; the love her husband always showed her.”

sophia bush
Instagram / Sophia Bush

Burton posted a shot of himself, Prince and theirs other organizations With a long message in support of his friend, co-star, Ackles, on Instagram.

“In every group of friends, there’s always the ‘strong one.’ They’re the ones who show up when it’s difficult. They bring the laughter and the light to dark corners. It’s important to protect those friends, because they’ll never ask for help,” Burton wrote. “Our friend @bevinaprince is one of those strong guys. She’s got a light personality.”

“As some of you know, her beloved husband @britwilliam passed away this week,” she continued. “It’s bottomless. Bevin’s a big part of our . other organizations family.”

Burton revealed that the Prince and Friend moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, where one Tree Hill An outdoor cycling workout class by Bevin Prince was filmed amid the pandemic to start the holiday.

Burton a. also provided link for gofundme Which was built in honor of a friend. Proceeds from the fundraiser will go to both Bevin Prince’s Vacation and Special Operators Transition Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to helping Special Operations Forces veterans transition from the military to their next successful career. As of Thursday afternoon, GoFundMe has raised more than $50,000.

“He has always valued community, and so have a link in my bio if you are able to show up and give him some support as part of that larger village,” Burton wrote. “Please lift our friend up. She’s a remarkable woman.”

The singles even had a post of their own, sharing photos of the Prince and friend together, as well as solo shots of the late CEO.

Ackles wrote, “It is hard to find words to describe the loss of someone like you. You did more in your 33 years than you would have done in a lifetime.” “Your curiosity and enthusiasm for any new adventure was infectious. You had a way of encouraging people to push their limits and reach a potential that only you could see. For you or the people in your class.” Nothing was ever out of reach.”

“But of all your achievements, and there were many, I know you would say that finding Bevin was your greatest achievement,” she continued. “There was great love between you both. That special love greater than life that survives even those who spend their whole lives looking for it. When I look at the house you built, and the beautiful memories and pictures you have Decorated, I’m so glad you found each other if only for a while, and stayed in love like that. We’ll miss you forever.”

Ackles also shared the GoFundMe link and explained, “There was nothing Will respected or valued more than the women in the American Dream, entrepreneurship, and business. Please help us make sure this business continues to grow and this community.” Will continue to be an employer for the people of the U.S.. Will was passionate about any cause honoring our brave soldiers and women, so we’ll also donate to the Special Operators Transition Foundation.”

Vogele shared Ackles’ post on his Instagram Story, writing, “If you are able, please donate to our dear friend Bevin and his family to help honor Will’s memory. He was such a beautiful person.” And will be missed a lot.”

kate vogele
Instagram / Kate Vogel

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