between so many lawsuits, he won a lawsuit

Johnny Depp’s life became, in recent years, a real judicial labyrinth in which the actor faces lawsuits related to his contentious divorce from model and actress Amber Heard.

In that back and forth of cross accusations, now there was a good one for Johnny Depp. A New York judge ordered the Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to produce documents to prove you received a donation by actress Amber Heard. Those documents are part of the agreement you made when you divorced Deep.

The lawsuit that the actor started a few months ago has to do with the fact that Depp distrusts that the amount agreed in the divorce that were destined for this American non-profit institution, will actually arrive at their destination.

At Last He Smiles.  Actor Johnny Depp Finally Had A Ruling In His Favor In His Legal Battle.  Photo Lluis Gene / Afp)

At last he smiles. Actor Johnny Depp finally had a ruling in his favor in his legal battle. Photo Lluis Gene / AFP)

A figure that they did not want to reveal

However, the Civil Liberties Union of America refused to publicly reveal whether the actress actually paid them their corresponding part of the aforementioned amount, something that now must do, by judicial decision.

The actor’s lawyers Pirates of the Caribbean They filed a petition in the New York Supreme Court last May for the ACLU to hand over documents that they have asked for, and have been denied. Those writings should state that Heard fulfilled his promise to divide the seven million dollars he received as part of his divorce in 2016, as she claims and which the actor mistrusts.

How is the agreement

Under the divorce settlement, she would donate the money to the ACLU and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Depp wanted this information to be used in the $ 50 million defamation complaint filed against Heard, after she wrote a 2018 editorial on domestic violence in the Washington Post alluding to his relationship with the actor.

Heard claimed that she has not “been dishonest” with his donations to the ACLU and Children’s Hospital and detailed that he had said that he would pay those seven million dollars over ten years.

Amber Heard.  She Was To Donate Money To Charity.  Johnny Depp Wants To Check That That Was Done.  Photo Reuters / Lucas Jackson

Amber Heard. She was to donate money to charity. Johnny Depp wants to check that that was done. Photo REUTERS / Lucas Jackson

Now, Judge Arthur Engoron gave way to 23 of the 24 requests made by the actor in the motion, so the civil rights organization will have to present evidence of the contribution made by Heard, according to the British newspaper. Daily Mail.

According to the decision, “the ACLU has not been able to demonstrate that the requested information is completely irrelevant” and orders that it comply with the claims “with the exception of documents related to Heard’s role as a brand ambassador for the ACLU,” it says. the newspaper.

This ruling in favor of the actor, in the United States, comes after a judicial setback in England, where the British Court of Appeal denied Depp the possibility of appealing the judgment on his claim to the newspaper The Sun. In addition, the actor maintains another similar complaint, for defamation, against Heard in the United States for his publication in the Washington Post.

TAll this court war has hurt Depp’s career a lot, 58 years old, since neither Disney, his former production company as the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean, nor Warner Bros, want to have anything to do with an actor accused of sexist violence and who has also publicly acknowledged the abusive use of drugs and alcohol. And for now, he has no work project in sight.