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between nostalgia and simulators

between nostalgia and simulators

When we enter the cinema, the lights go out and we immerse ourselves in the screen. We live an illusory reality. And in Matrix Resurrections, with the return of Neo (Keanu reeves), the simulations run back and forth.

Let us remember that at the end of Matrix Revolutions (2003) Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) died, Neo sacrificed himself and the humans were freed in that dispute with the machines and the Matrix.

But Matrix Resurrections it does not function as a system “update”.


Keanu Reeves Is Thomas Anderson, Creator Of A Video Game That Made Him Famous.  What Is The Game Called?  Matrix.  Photo Wb

Keanu Reeves is Thomas Anderson, creator of a video game that made him famous. What is the game called? Matrix. Photo WB

In a sense, something similar happens as in Spider-Man: No Way Home: both films – their plots – know that they are altering realities, and a phenomenon occurs, as if they became aware of themselves, as if they were self-analyzing, and even parodying themselves.

Neo in this reality of Matrix Resurrections He returns to his identity as Thomas A. Anderson: he is a quite famous videogame designer, especially because he hit it hard with one. The game is called Matrix.

Trinity And Neo, Who Has The Power To Create Energy Waves That Stop Bullets.  Photo Wb

Trinity and Neo, who has the power to create energy waves that stop bullets. Photo WB

The game company he works for is owned by Warner Brothers (!). “Our beloved parent company, Warner Bros., has decided that they will make a sequel to the trilogy,” with or without them, it is said, and Anderson is spoken of as a bald nerd, no matter how much we see him with long hair and that so Keanu beard.

Well, if you saw the trailer, back in September, you will understand.

Lana Wachowsky Has A Lot Of Visual Imagery In The Film, Which Takes Place Long After &Quot;The Matrix Revolutions.&Quot;  Photo Wb

Lana Wachowsky has a lot of visual imagery in the film, which takes place long after “The Matrix Revolutions.” Photo WB

Neo paranoid

Thomas has nightmares, he wants nothing to do with retaking the Matrix. He’s kind of paranoid. Who wouldn’t be. But it’s not like in Free guy, where the protagonist (Ryan Reynolds) is surprised to realize that he is a character in a videogame.

Or if?

Until one day Thomas, in this simulation, runs into Trinity at the Simulatte cafe (!), But her name is Tiffany, she is married, has two children and she does not recognize him.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen Ii, From The New &Quot;Candyman&Quot;, Is Called Morpheus ... Photo Wb

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, from the new “Candyman”, is called Morpheus … Photo WB

His psychologist (the Analyst, played by Neil Patrick Harris) keeps him in tune with blue pills (!), But when he comes across a different Morpheus (no, not Laurence Fishburne, but Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, from the new Candyman), and offered him a red pill …

The fact that Thomas’ boss at the company is called Smith (Jonathan Groff) only reinforces the self-referential, and the self-citation, which does not demystify anything of the matter. The plot includes a cyber-hacker named Bugs (yes, for Bugs Bunny, from the WB) and blue hair (Jessica Henwick).

The challenge that was the first Matrix, like playing with gravity -in the last century: it was released in 1999-, now it is nothing more than a reiteration. Neo may or may not dodge the bullets, advance his arms and create waves of energy that prevent him from being riddled with shots, but we already saw this.

Neo And Trinity Must Be Resurrected.  Well, The Movie Is Called &Quot;Resurrections&Quot; For A Reason.  Photo Wb

Neo and Trinity must be resurrected. Well, the movie is called “Resurrections” for a reason. Photo WB

Much of what we see in Matrix Resurrections, too, and not only because of the flashbacks that pass as clips of the different films.

The Wachowsky brothers in the trilogy are now sisters. Lana (who was Andy) directs Matrix Resurrections, Lilly (Larry) didn’t want to know anything. And it’s as if this fourth movie (or Lana) did a self-analysis. Not even the cinema is what it was in 1999, when the first Matrix, nor Lana was what she is today (it was Andy).

About To Walk On Air ... Photo Wb

About to walk on air … Photo WB

We can even see, if we want, in Matrix Resurrections that nothing is as binary – good and bad, Neo and his nemesis Agent Smith – as the original saga posed.

Whoever wants to hear, who hears, whoever wants to see….

The Scene Of The Fight Between Morpheus And Neo Has Its Replica In &Quot;Matrix Resurrections&Quot;.  Photo Wb

The scene of the fight between Morpheus and Neo has its replica in “Matrix Resurrections”. Photo WB

There are room, at least and for now, two questions. What led Lana to say yes, I’ll do a new one Matrix. The other, which is closely related to the first, is what he wanted to tell. Because without a new story, it’s more of the same.

Matrix Resurrections appeals to nostalgia, to what those of us who saw – at least the first Matrix– We are sorry to see the black glasses and the long suits and overcoats.

Lana knows how well water impacts the eyes of viewers of any age and generation, whether in raindrops or puddles, broken glass, and dust floating in the air. His style is still ornate, somewhat baroque.

Tomas Anderson, Heading To The Simulatte Cafeteria (!).  There He Will Meet Trinity / Tiffany.  Photo Wb

Tomas Anderson, heading to the Simulatte cafeteria (!). There he will meet Trinity / Tiffany. Photo WB

But the baroque here is not the paraphernalia in images, but the explanations, over and over again, of what is happening. Lana has lost some things over time – originality, the first – and she seems to need to clarify what is happening, or what is going to happen, while the fans enjoy – or try – to see how some images, bits of scenes , they look like some that they already saw many years ago.

It’s those clips that bring us old Morpheus. Or a very young Neo. Or the Oracle.

Of course: if the reader here, or the viewer in the armchair, did not see any Matrix, it will not move a hair.

Lana Wachowsky Knows How Well Water Impacts Like Raindrops Or Puddles, Broken Glass, Dust Floating In The Air.  Photo Wb

Lana Wachowsky knows how well water impacts like raindrops or puddles, broken glass, dust floating in the air. Photo WB

There is a twist, because otherwise it is not understood why to resurrect the protagonists – not all; We are not going to spoil anything-. As if Lana was ecstatic at her own creation.

The nostalgia thing brings the paradox that yes Matrix It was once avant-garde, change and evolution, not now: memories are appealed to.

Anderson'S Boss Is Named Smith, But He'S Not Agent Smith.  Or If?  Photo Wb

Anderson’s boss is named Smith, but he’s not Agent Smith. Or if? Photo WB

Yes, in more ways than one Matrix Resurrections It is more of the same; as if recycling what has already been seen can bring something new, when we all already know the answer.

In short, the trailer for Matrix Resurrections it was much more compelling, attractive and made you want to see the movie. That’s what trailers are made for. The point is that with Matrix ResurrectionsAfter seeing it, those desire to see more is somewhat appeased.

And that there is a small post-credit scene, which in the premiere on Monday started, of those of us who were in the audience, the only laughs and / or signs of enthusiasm. But don’t think it was such a big deal either.

“Matrix Resurrections”


Action / Science fiction. USA, 2021. Original title: “The Matrix: Resurrections”. 148 ‘, SAM 13 R. From: Lana Wachowski. With: Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Neil Patrick Harris. Rooms: IMAX, Hoyts Abasto, Cinemark Palermo, Cinépolis Recoleta, Showcase Belgrano.

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