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Betty White’s friend reveals the last thing she said before she died

Betty White's last word before her death from friend Vicki Lawrence revealed

Vicki Lawrence, Betty White’s longtime girlfriend and Mom’s family Co-star opens up about the actress’s final moments. White died on December 31st, just weeks before her 100th birthday.

Lawrence, who first met White The Carol Burnett Show, told The Hollywood Reporter what is believed for what golden girls said Star before she died, according to Carol Burnett.

“[Carol] said she spoke to Betty’s assistant who was with her when she died and she said the last word out of her mouth was ‘Allen,’ “said Lawrence. White’s husband was … password Host Allen Ludden, and he died in 1981 after a battle with stomach cancer.

“This is so lovingly cute. I hope this is true,” added Lawrence.

As for her relationship with White before her death, 72-year-old Lawrence said THR, “I haven’t been able to reach her lately. I wrote her a long letter a while ago, but she didn’t reply, which wasn’t like her. I knew she was not doing well and it was coming, but it was still sad not to hear from her. “

White died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 99, and the cause of death was determined to be natural. On January 17th, the golden girls star would have celebrated her 100th birthday.

ET recently spoke to Jeff Witjas, White’s longtime agent at the APA Agency, who shared one of his final moments with the beloved star. “I’ve been over there in the house a few times and we enjoyed playing gin rummy together,” he told ET days after her death.

“Now I’m going to say her mind was sharp, her mind was always sharp, and she really pissed me off for hitting me four times … someone in declining health would honestly not be able To play gin rummy, and most importantly, hit me four times. And when I left, she promised me a rematch. That’s the only thing we won’t have, “he said.” But at least she knows she hit me when I left because we had a very fun, competitive game of gin rummy. ”

Vitjas added about her last days: “She really is a couch potato. Towards the end of her life, she spent most of her life at home, almost all of the time. She felt very comfortable. It was her home. ”

Before her death The application star spoke to ET about her 100th birthday. “[I’m] amazed, “said White.” No, seriously, I’m the happiest man on two legs to be as healthy as me and to feel as good as me! ”


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