Home Entertainment Betty the Ugly Celebrities you may not know have passed away

Betty the Ugly Celebrities you may not know have passed away

Betty the Ugly Celebrities you may not know have passed away

TO 20 years the first transfer of “I’m Betty the Ugly” (1999) it is undoubtedly a telenovela that generates evaluation to the channel that broadcasts it; while Conquering new fans generation after generation.

Even if the story penned by Fernando Gaitan It has been rewritten and reinvented over the years in versions of different countries.

Not all actors involved in Colombian production You have managed to be successful worldwide the soap opera; well some of them they died shortly after production “dropped the curtain”.

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Fernando Gaitán prepared the piece for “Betty, la fea”. Internet photo

Gaitán himself he didn’t manage to celebrate 20 years of the start of this telenovela since he died 01/29/2019 Victim of a Heart attack. The Colombian writer, who had several projects to remake his most successful work on the horizon, barely had 59 years.

Celmira Luzardo as Catalina Ángel

One of the most famous faces in the soap opera is that of Celmira luzardowho gave life Catherine Angel “The good fairy” by Betty, the protagonist of the story. After completing his work on this production, Celmira withdrew from the media to fight cancerwho eventually lost in 2014, aged 66 years.

Alberto Valdiri as Berta’s husband

Maybe Alberto valdiri was one of occasional actor of Colombian drama, but he is called the Berta’s loving husband, one of the members of the Cuartel de las Feas, friends of Betty. Valdiri lost his life after suffering Heart attack aged 55 years.

Although he had a small role in “I Am Betty, the Ugly”, he is also popular for participating in others. remembered Colombian productions What “Mafia Dolls” and “Miss Barbara”.

Lina Marulanda

But maybe the most tragic death was that from Lina Marulandawho to his 29 years have cost him his life due to a strong depression he went through, derived from his divorce and the loss of a substantial sum of money in a bad investment.

Lina played one of the models that I went out with Armando Mendoza, the protagonist’s love interest. According to local media; the young actress threw herself down the stairs from the bathroom of his room and in his clenched hand he held a figure of the Virgin Mary.

Armando Manzanero

The Yucatan singer was responsible for ending the telenovela love story since he was one of theYour “special guests” at the wedding between Don Armando and Bettyhe sang for “Are we a couple“, Accompanied by Olga Tañón. The above as part of the “Duetos” promotion he launched in 2001.

Armando Manzanero died on December 28, 2020 because of complications with Covid-19.

Raúl Santa, Jenys “el Pupuchurro” and Sofías “El Check”

Raul Santa He is the youngest to be recently added to the list of celebrities who appeared in “Betty the Ugly” who are out of this world. The actor best known for his role as “The Pupuchurro” and “The exam” he lost his life in the Colombian soap opera November 15, 2021 because of cardiovascular arrest.

It didn’t take long for the cast of the melodrama to fire the actor across social networks, including Jorge Enrique Abello (Don Armando) and Ana Maria Orozco (Betty).

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