Home Entertainment Beto Cuevas admits he was beaten after Tinder (video)

Beto Cuevas admits he was beaten after Tinder (video)

Golpean a Beto Cuevas tras usar Tinder

Beto Cuevas told of his bad experience with the application, with which he tried to find love.

MEXICO CITY – Beto Cuevas, Chilean singer and who was it? Leader of the La Ley group between 1990 and 2005 he confessed that some time ago They beat him up after using Tinder Application to meet people and make appointments (although some users also think this app will help them find love).

In an interview who was also the actor of the musical Jesus Christ superstar He pointed out that he was using technology to find a partner because he was looking for a new experience.

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How come Beto Cueva was beaten for using Tinder?

In an interview with Ventaneando, the Chilean singer pointed out that his strange experience with tinder It happened in the United States. His revealed that he is there, taking advantage of the fact that he is not recognized by many people He decided Create a profile on the dating platform.

“At one point I signed up on Tinder because people in the US don’t know me, and I decided to give it a try because I was single, but I didn’t like it because I had an experience that wasn’t very much was nice. ” explained the Chilean.

The interpreter from “Lie” assured, however, that he had not expected it be beatenExcept after he and the person he met kissed.

“I had a bit of a strange experience because of that After we gave a couple of kisses [mi cita] he hit me and he touched my optic nerve with his finger and I saw a blue light like in cartoons, ”explained Beto Cuevas.

The Chilean indicated that he would not hit a woman, but he also did not consider it appropriate for a woman to hit a man and, after the violent reaction of the young woman, decided to ask her to leave. That was the end of the appointment and his wish to keep using the app.

“I would never raise my hand and hit a woman, but neither do I think a woman has the right to hit a man. So I invited her to go and she left and I never heard from her again, ”he concluded Singer.

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