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Best portable AC units to beat the summer heat

Best portable AC units to beat the summer heat

We found some of the best portable AC units that will keep you cool this summer — check out our picks from Amazon, Best Buy and more.

Summer is on its way, and so are the days of relaxing by the pool and getting a flawless tan in summer. While we love to enjoy the sun, the summer heat can also have a downside – especially when you have to deal with hot air indoors. To help you stay cool this summer and beyond, we found some of the best portable air conditioning units.

Whether your living room is in need of a window unit or you are just looking for some cool air in your small space, there is a portable AC unit for you and your home.

Of course, if you really want to be comfortable during the summer heat, we suggest pairing a portable air conditioner with a smart tower fan in another room. Whether you’re looking for portable units that double as air purifiers or smart cooling systems, we’ve found the best personal air conditioners for you and your home.

Shop our picks for the best portable air conditioners below.

The Evapolar Evachil is the perfect portable air conditioning unit for those who are tight on space or live in a small apartment.


The SereneLife Portable Air Conditioner is a year-round air conditioner. Not only does it act as a cooling system, a dehumidifier and fan, but it can also act as a heater during those winter months. BTW, a higher BTU (or British Thermal Unit) rating means that an air conditioner can cool a larger area.


The Insignia Portable AC Unit has over 500 reviews at Best Buy, which earned it a nearly 4.5-star review. This AC unit is perfect for those who are environmentally conscious. Thanks to its sleep mode, it minimizes the energy used at night.


This Black+Deck portable AC unit comes with cooling vents as well as dehumidifying mode to ensure that you can sleep soundly this summer. Plus, it comes with wheels for some added mobility as well as a remote control.


This portable air conditioning unit has a dual hose system that also filters dust and dehydrates the air around you. The AC unit also tells you when to clean its filter. And of course, WiFi connectivity allows you to control the temperature on this device from the comfort of your phone.


This portable AC unit is made for medium to large rooms. Thanks to its SmartHQ app, you can be sure that this unit consistently delivers cool air, so you don’t have to deal with scorching heat.


Equipped with multiple fan speeds and connectivity with Alexa and Google Home, this LG 8,000 BTU AC unit is sure to keep you fresh this summer.


Use the remote control to set and adjust the temperature on this 12,000 BTU air conditioner (which is equipped with cool rooms of up to 400 square feet). Plus, you can convert this portable air conditioner into a window unit with the quick-install window kit that comes with this model. This 3-in-1 works as a fan, cooling the air around you and acting as a dehumidifier (a self-evaporating dehumidifier at that).


The carbon air filter on this 14,000 BTU portable air conditioner acts as a partial air purifier and gets rid of odors, gases, and chemicals in your living room (all while producing nice and cool air). Thanks to the dual hose system, this unit can cool up to 500 square feet as well as reduce humidity levels.


If you are looking for a compact window air conditioner unit for your small space, this Frigidaire cooling system is perfect for you. This eco-friendly system is Energy Star-certified and includes a remote control to change the temperature seamlessly.


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