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Ben Stiller travels to Poland to visit families fleeing Ukraine

Ben Stiller shares his experience after meeting Ukrainian refugees who fled Poland amid Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Stiller arrived in Poland for the first time, where he met with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, with a plan to not only learn more about what was happening in Ukraine, but also to share the stories of those who were evacuated from their homes in search. was forced to flee. of protection and shelter.

“I have just arrived in Poland with the UNHCR, to visit families whose lives have been devastated by war and violence in Ukraine. Millions of people have been forced to flee their homes and more than 90% are women and children. I am here to learn, to share stories that reflect the humanitarian impact of war and to raise calls for solidarity,” Stiller captioned a photo after arriving in Poland on Saturday.

He continued, urging others to share their messages of support for the people of Ukraine, “I hope that you will follow them and share your messages of support, for those who come from their homes in Ukraine. For those who have fled and for those who have been forced. To run across the world. Everyone has the right to safety. Anyone, anywhere, whenever.”

Stiller also shared a photo of his meeting with some of those families, including a touching shot of children hugging near the Medica border in Poland.

Stiller wrote on Sunday, “Near the Medyka border in Poland I had the opportunity to meet some families who had fled the war in Ukraine, their loved ones with no idea when they would be able to return home—or have them.” Home to return.” “I’ve also always been deeply impressed by @refugees and how committed they are to supporting people in their journey.”

As UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, Stiller’s visit comes ahead of World Refugee Day on 20 June. On his Instagram Story, Stiller informed his followers about his mission in Poland and encouraged them to send questions to find out what was happening on the ground. From months of struggle.

Ben Stiller

Along with Stiller’s visit, he joins a host of celebrities who, after the country was invaded by Russian military forces on February 22, leaving millions of people killed and millions of people fleeing their homes in Ukraine. People have stepped up and been vocal in their support for them.

Last month, U2’s Bono and The Edge held a very special concert in Kyiv at a subway station that serves as a bomb shelter. And in the months since the war began, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Lee Curtis, Benedict Cumberbatch and many others have all used their platform to help in any way they can, including raising money and awareness. , and even includes taking families. forced to flee a war-torn country.

in April, Doctor Strange The actor opened up about his plans to do so.

“They’ve made it out of Ukraine. I’m monitoring their progress every day,” Cumberbatch told British news outlet The Sky. “Unfortunately, they are undergoing some medical treatment. To say anything more about it would be an invasion of their privacy, and a lot about when they are coming and how it is being managed would invade my “

To see how other celebrities are showing their support for Ukraine, watch the video below.

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