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Ben Stiller talks life at home after reconciliation with wife Christine Taylor (EXCLUSIVE)

Ben Stiller is putting it all in perspective. Separation The director has reconciled with his wife Christine Taylor during the pandemic, and couldn’t be happier about the direction of his life.

“I’m so happy where I am in my life and the fact that we’ve been able to do this together here is no longer all of those things to be taken lightly,” Stiller told ET’s Denny Directo. “The whole last few years have been a time for everyone to get in touch.”

Stiller, 56, and Taylor, 50, announced their separation in 2017 after 17 years of marriage, but neither of them officially filed for divorce. Stiller moved back to the family home during the COVID-19 pandemic to be with their two teenage children.

While the pandemic offered some joy for Stiller, it led to the loss of his father, Jerry Stiller, in 2020. Earlier this month, Jerry’s on-screen wife, Estelle Harris, Seinfeld Died at the age of 93. Stiller talks to ET about his father’s affair Seinfeld co-star.

“I was just a fan and his chemistry with my dad was incredible,” he said. “I know he loved her so much and the way they played with each other – you know. My dad had two wives in his life. He had Estelle and he had my mom [Anne Meara], and he did a great job with both of them. So, it’s really a loss and she was just a very special funny one. He brought so much joy to so many people.”

Stiller is also bringing joy, and lots of questions to fans of the Apple TV+ series, Separation, The show, starring Adam Scott, was executive produced by Stiller and recently completed its first season. As for Stiller who is behind the camera, he has enjoyed all the backlash from fans.

“I’m so excited to connect with fans, especially on Twitter,” he shared. “How has he reacted in real time on the show. I’ve never had the experience that I’m actually making something as a series where people are so invested in what’s going to happen and all these questions about where it’s going.”

He continued, “The audience has that level of detail, ’cause we put a lot of information into the world and know that the audience is really smart. It’s really nice to feel like I’m coming back.”

For Season 2, fans can possibly see Stiller stepping in front of the camera. “It would be fun to be a part of this world,” he shared. “We’ve been thinking about it a lot. Today we spent a lot of time talking about it. Dan Erickson, the creator of the show, has a lot of ideas that were put forward to the questions asked in the first season that we answered exactly Didn’t give.”

Stiller’s hope for Season 2 is making fans proud. “I think hopefully this will be the kind of show where you feel quite satisfied that you get answers to things that you have been thinking about for a long time,” he added.

“I want it to be something where people really feel like they’re in a world they’re going through. They don’t feel like things are being thrown at them for no reason. ”

first season of Separation Currently streaming on Apple TV+.

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