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‘Below Deck Mediterranean’s Kyle Viljoen on Possible Firing of Regan, Natasha-Dave Romance (Exclusive)

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Just a Few Episodes in Season 7 of Bravo’s Emmy-Nominated below deck mediterranean The franchise is proving itself to be one of the strongest performances in history. There’s a secret boat romance between chef Dave White and head hostess Natasha Webb, a bossun (Regan Tyler) that seems completely in over its head, Jason Gaskell, a modestly subordinate deckhand, and the interior crew’s Natalya Scudder’s instant humor. / is a chaotic pair. Kyle Viljoen.

“I have seen All Seasons,” Kyle teases ET over video chat. “So I’m really encouraging people, This is the one you want to see. It’s dynamic.”

Episode four, which premieres Monday night on Bravo but began streaming on Peacock last week, ends with a secret cliffhanger for Regan, with Captain Sandy Yawn calling him across the bridge for a one-on-one meeting. , which sounds like lead – until firing.

“If I ever hear Sandy say, ‘Kyle, Kyle, come over the bridge,’ I’ve already taken my pants off,” Kyle crack. “I’ve already packed my bags. It’s my anticipation. You know what I mean? I’m like, ‘Okay, wait a moment. I’m just getting my bag…’ That’s what you Will hope so. So all I’m saying is that there could certainly be a poll where she could stay, she could be fired. There may be other opportunities, mainly directions to help. But I have a For know, if I go over the bridge, I’ll immediately assume I’m in s**t. So we’ll see and I hope something bigger comes out of it.”

Regan spends his time working at Motor Yacht Home instead of smoking, handing out his deckhands (but with little real instruction) and giving excuses for failures in his department that don’t fly with Sandy, Joe Kyle. according to, say very,

“Sandy, she’s so tough and can do anything? Oh my god. He’s one of the easiest captains I’ve ever worked with,” admitted the sailing legend. “Really the easiest captain ever worked with. He never micromanaged me, never micromanaged the interior. He allowed us to do our own creativity.”

Kyle is learning a lot about Regan’s performance, or lack thereof, by watching the episode with viewers. He had no idea how many times Sandy encouraged him to move on, as he was working inside.

Bravo's Below Deck Mediterranean's Bosun Regan Tyler
Laurent Bassett / Bravo

“You would like to think so after many warnings and all, [she’d improve], “she guesses,” but … these are charters back to back. You know what I mean? There really isn’t a lot of time to change the whole person who you are. You can only do small things. i mean we Doing See interior improvements. … but as far as the exterior is concerned, I personally do not see any change. You hear people complain, you hear people raise things. So one can only hope that a big change is coming and you can feel this reaction from Captain Sandy, and then we will see.”

“There’s a lot of dynamic shifts and changes,” he teases, “and I think it’s definitely for good, because in the end, you want a really strong integrated team that takes you through the season. It’s going to be a struggle for someone on the vessel initially, you want to nip it in the bud and say, ‘This needs to be changed.’ So I definitely see an improvement throughout the season for the outdoors, but I still hold onto my stomach, and I say interior Season 7 is taking over.”

From what’s aired so far, it looks like Sandy is laying the groundwork for main deckhand Storm Smith to step into the role of Bosun.

“Looking at the storm from the outside of the situation–because I don’t spend much time with these deckhands, you know what I mean?—so looking from the outside, I never knew he had so much depth to me. Exactly what I thought he had,” Kyle reflects. “I usually feel like, from the outside looking in, he has such great leadership skills. He’s like, ‘Okay, I guess there’s a problem. Someone needs to jump in and take over. We s* *t can’t take flight around here, so we need to take charge of this scenario…’ and he seems like the person who could lead it. If I had had the opportunity, I certainly would encourages him.”

As far as Jason’s attitude issues go, Kyle said that Regan doesn’t have a strong leader. They were the only two outside crew members during the first day of the first charter, which created a domino effect of issues between them, as Regan relied on Jason to do all the heavy lifting, both literally and figuratively.

“I think Jason has been misunderstood a lot,” shares Kyle. “What you see with Jason is what you get. He’s going to say it as it is. He’s going to say what’s on his mind, but he acts with respect and he acts with communication.” Is. Creating an excellent employee in the U.S. requires direct instruction, direct communication and overall respect.”

And when it comes to the interior, Kyle seems to be a fan of Natasha’s management style and that of her other Stu teammate, Natalya. However, the trailer of the season previewed a tumultuous fight between the dynamic duo.

“I still sometimes struggle to really fathom how I got to that point,” he confesses. “Natalya and I, we’re like brother and sister. So, we have that back to back and back joke, but there comes a point where … just had enough, and it’s unfortunate that it came at that point, But I think a lot of these are really close relationships, after having so many charters back to back, it’s exhausting for you. You don’t want to joke anymore.”

seems to add to the overall tension among the crew sexual Tension between Natasha and Dave. The to-be couple rode home as if they were former partners; It soon emerged that they did indeed begin a romance on their last vessel, a relationship Natasha wanted to keep under wraps as it began while she was still dating her boyfriend.

Below deck Mediterranean hostess Natasha Webb and chef David White
Laurent Bassett / Bravo

“I never knew how passionate and intense the relationship between Dave and Natasha is,” recalls Kyle, “and I only start to learn more because you’re going to see it coming up. And then I realized in my mind, maybe this Not there What is a good relationship afterwards and the reasons behind it.”

“It starts to take a toll on the ship as a whole,” he continues. “It’s in your face, you can’t ignore it. Sometimes it disappears, Casper is walking, then he’s returning. You know what I’m saying? So I feel like if You bring a lot of emotions on the boat in your personal life, it’s going to affect your professional life.”

What Natasha and Dave are meant to be, Kyle says all but outright… no.

“I really feel that they can work through it, that they can maintain working Relationships,” he says. “He’s a very mature person, but for a relationship, maybe he’s not that mature.”

There are more seasons to come over the next few months, and Kyle is excited for viewers to learn more about him and see him in action — even doing some below deck before! A sneak peek of the season promises a boat romance for Kyle… with a charter guest!

Second Stew Kyle Viljoen Below Deck Mediterranean
Laurent Bassett / Bravo

“The guests are very friendly this season,” he quipped. “I get on really well with the guests. … So I’m excited for the audience to see for themselves how I evolve throughout the season. You’re like, ‘Oh my god, we felt that We know Kyle, this is the next level. This is the next level. This is the next level.’ I’m excited to see how people appreciate the service skills that I bring.”

“I’m not a quiet person,” Kyle says. “I think people are generally going to like it.”

A longtime fan of the franchise, Kyle is set to step into the role of lead Stu, should he be called upon in the future.

“In a heartbeat!” he shouts. “Do I think I can snatch the status of main stew? There’s no doubt about it. It’s done and dusted. I really figured it all out. So one can only hope that I grow, and I want to show it to the LGBTQA+ community, that introducing this character can come on board, that you can work from the bottom up and that you can be successful all the way to the top. Will not be judged as a person.”

below deck mediterranean Airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo, with episodes streaming a week earlier on Peacock.

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