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Bella de la Vega attacks Gael García Bernal for ‘snub’: “why that way of discriminating?”

Bella de la Vega, widow of Jose Angel Garcia -actor’s father Gael Garcia Bernal-, gave again what to talk about after “launching” against the Mexican actor for refusing to talk about her with the press when he was questioned about their relationship. The actress and dancer she said she felt disappointed at the attitude of the Golden Globe winner.

The statements of the former participant of survivor they arrive after Gael Garcia Bernal was intercepted at the airport upon arrival in Mexico, where when asked about Bella de la Vega he replied: “Let’s not talk about those things.”

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“It hurts me and it hurts me more to think that if my husband were alive it would make him very sad,” said Bella de la Vega in an interview for the program Come the Joy weekend.

She mentioned that she was sorry for Gael García Bernal’s behavior towards her, who claimed to have been in the most complicated moments of the actor’s father’s health.

“I would be very sad and I also get sad thinking about why this reaction, why this way of discriminating, mistreatingof, to a certain extent I have thought, a type of gender violence because I am the woman who loved his father during the last years of his life, the last moments of José Ángel’s life, the last breath he had was with my”.

He pointed out that Gael García Bernal was not looking after his father and that he did not accompany him during the last days that he was hospitalized.

Even in 10 days that José Ángel was dying because it was agony, agonized for 10 days before he died, his son was nowhere to be found. She just wasn’t there, she got mad when she tagged her.”

The actress assured that José Ángel García, Mexican actor and director, was very proud of Gael García’s career and achievements, but it affected him a lot that he did not support him when he needed it.

My husband even called his son and he did not answer, simply and simply he was not there. When my husband finally died, he wasn’t there either, I mean, that’s what he doesn’t want to talk about, those things. (…) In other words, José Ángel García was alone, José Ángel García was practically abandoned, when I met him he was a lonely, sad man”.

And he concluded by sending a forceful message to the protagonist of El padre Amaro: “What I ask for the most is respect for the memory of his father, José Ángel García, because if he does not respect me, he does not respect the memory of his father either.”


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