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Belinda’s mother talks about the relationship with Christian Nodal: “My daughter has suffered a lot”

Belinda and Christian Nodal They were one of the most beloved and controversial couples in the world of entertainment, however, their breakup caused even more controversy because apparently things did not end well at all and both parties gave statements against the other.

Now, it’s been Belinda Schüll, mother of Belinda, who spoke of the relationship with Christian Nodal, ensuring that the singer has suffered a lot after all the controversy in which her daughter was involved after separating from the interpreter of “Toxic Love”.

Belinda has suffered a lot for Christian Nodal, says her mother

It was through an interview for TV Notas that Belinda’s mom made strong statements about break with Nodal and revealed how is the singer after their controversial relationship.

During the talk, Belinda Schüll commented that although Belinda for others she is only a “great artist” in all the projects she does, she is also a person who has suffered a lot throughout his career, but in recent months even more so.

“Everyone thinks that my daughter is the great artist and that nothing is wrong with her, but she has suffered a lot,” he reiterated.

Faced with this situation, the businesswoman said that asks God to protect the singer so that he gets the happiness “he deserves”, because he has worked too hard to be happy and everyone in his family wants him to get it.

Finally, the mother of the actress and singer assured that They always want to hurt Belinda in all aspects, but she knows that her daughter has worked all these years to live a stable and uncontroversial life.

“It is always a focus that they want to harm her in one way or another. She has worked hard to be happy, have a stable life and not be involved in controversy,” he said.

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