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Belinda’s father compares her to the murderer Jeffrey Dahmer (Pictures)

  • Ignacio Peregrín will make a curious comment to his daughter Belinda
  • He compares her to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.
  • Why did you examine her to the ‘Milwaukee Cannibal?

Papa Belinda compares her to Dahmer. Now it seems that even Belinda’s father provides some thing from her, but it only would seem, for the reason that in reality Mr. Ignacio Peregrín and his daughter, the Mexican-Spanish superstar, have an superb romantic relationship, because the two she and he have manufactured it very clear They have a pretty wonderful romantic relationship.

It was a few of days back that the well known singer’s father experienced his birthday and the Peregrín Schüll spouse and children was in cost of celebrating it in a cafe in Masarik, Polanco. In accordance to the El Universal portal, the singer’s father migrated from Spain to Mexico for get the job done factors.

Papa Belinda compares her to Dahmer: They celebrate Belinda’s father’s birthday

Papa Belinda compares her to Dahmer

The family that migrated from Spain to Mexico did so in order to search for fantastic work options, since each time they go to Mexico City, they ordinarily go to the locations they like the most to rejoice celebrations, achievements, or simply just have a fantastic time in spouse and children.

the mexican newspaper The common documented that Belinda’s loved ones fulfilled to rejoice Ignacio Peregrín’s birthday, absolutely everyone had a fantastic time involving haute delicacies dishes. And it is that in the visuals broadcast by the celebration of his birthday, there was a pretty particular second. Filed Underneath: Papa Belinda Compares Her To Dahmer

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