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Belinda. Who is Dean Pelic, the millionaire model who could be her new boyfriend? (PHOTOS)

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Belinda would have already surpassed Christian Nodal, because after the singer was involved in several controversies, she made it clear that she prefers to play Mario Kart, and in addition, she would already have a new conquest at the door and it would be nothing more and nothing less than the millionaire model Dean movie Here we tell you who he is and everything we know about his alleged relationship with Belinda.

Who is Dean Pelic, the millionaire who would be behind Belinda?

Dean Pelic is a millionaire writer and model originally from Croatia who whenever Belinda shares a photo on Instagram, he leaves her comments as if they were indirect and also fills her with compliments.

The also life coach has more than 128 thousand followers and has a very attractive appearance. He graduated in Administration, Marketing and Tourism but always had the desire to work in television and journalism, which eventually led him to acting and modeling to work with luxury brands and in important parades in Milan, Italy and France.

He also often writes a popular column on his official website, which is a kind of continuation of what he publishes every week for two years for one of the most read portals, Index Rouge.

Is Dean Pelic in love with Belinda?

As we mentioned before, Dean Pelic has lately dedicated himself to leaving several suggestive comments on the photos that Belinda shares on Instagram.

The last time he wrote to Nodal’s ex-girlfriend, it was in one of his photographs where he wore his green eyes with a natural appearance and commented on a capital ‘B’ as highlighting the beauty and uniqueness of the singer’s name.

Of course, the “Belifans”, followers of Belinda, did not take long to speculate that the handsome model Dean Pelic is making merits to conquer the singer and it is worth mentioning that this has them quite excited, because every time he says something to him, his fans They take the opportunity to say that this is the type of man their Beli deserves, not like Nodal.

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