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Belinda shows off the special gift that Amparo Serrano, creator of Distroller, left her

One month after the death of Amparo Serranohis loved ones have dedicated emotional tributes to him remembering his invaluable legacy, the most recent of which has been from his daughter, Minnie West. To these tributes he joined Belindawho was grateful for the special gift that the creator of distributor He left her and her family before he died.

Through her Instagram account, the interpreter of In love you must forgive shared the great detail that Amparo Serrano he had with his family and that Minnie West, Belinda’s brother’s girlfriend, recently sent it to him.

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Belinda Schull, mother of the singer, was the first to reveal the designs created by Amparo Serrano in honor of her children and husband. These are caricatures, in the style of the Distroller characters, of each of the members of the family of the actress from Welcome to Eden.

“Beautiful Minnie West, thank you for sharing these beautiful portraits of my family, which your mother Amparo Serrano created, my soul was broken,” wrote the singer’s mother.

This is what Belinda and her family look like in the Distroller universe

From Belinda to Nacho Perigrin-her brother-, going through the singer’s parents, each one has their own animated image that meets the aesthetics that the creations of the renowned entrepreneur, who rose to fame, used to have. for his colorful interpretation of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

I love you very much and I adore you, you are magical like your mom, who was an exemplary woman with unique creativity. I send you a hug full of the best thoughts and all my support, you have all my love and affection,” Schüll added.

Moved, Belinda took to her Instagram stories to show her gratitude to the designer and her daughter for making her family part of the Distroller universe.

“I had not seen this, how beautiful,” he wrote next to the image of the portraits.


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