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Belinda said goodbye to Italy with an impressive bikini

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Belinda had already shown that swimsuit but with the full set (Photo: Instagram/@belindapop)

This July 29 Belinda wore a two-piece bikini to tell him Goodbye to Italy. The famous singer’s swimsuit had pastel shades and was printed with shells, snails, pearls and other elements of the marine ecosystem.

The pieces were salmon, coral, pink and blue, her flat stomach and her simple makeup stood out in the photo, Belinda was also seen wearing earrings from the clothing and accessories line Miu miu.

Behind the singer’s back, there were some lounges and the ocean of the beaches of Italy, specifically of Olbia, Sardiniaa; Further down, some mountain systems and their shadows could be seen. In his temporary histories, he published a Boomerang letting you see the clear and warm view more clearly from a yacht.

This is the postcard with which the singer Belinda said goodbye to her vacation in Italy (Photo: Instagram/@belindapop)
This is the postcard with which the singer Belinda said goodbye to her vacation in Italy (Photo: Instagram/@belindapop)

Belinda’s post where she wrote “Ciao beautiful Italy” (Goodbye, beautiful Italy) accumulated more than 400 thousand “likes” on Instagram in a few hours.

Among the comments, he highlighted Amaia Salamancawho jokingly “claimed” “How come you haven’t invited me?”, In this regard, the young woman affirmed that she had contemplated the actress, but the trip did not fit with her agenda: “I invited you, Amaia, Come! remember you couldn’t.”

Other messages of praise were from her fans, who wrote things like: “Now I understand why she disconnects, I don’t know which view is more beautiful, the landscape or Belindita!”, “What kind of perfection are you?”“The princess is resurfacing” and “Not even the sun shines as much as you Beli”.

This is Belinda's new hair tone, leaving behind the gradient brown (Photo: Instagram/@belindapop)
This is Belinda’s new hair tone, leaving behind the gradient brown (Photo: Instagram/@belindapop)

Although the brand or designer of the beautiful set was not specified, it could belong to Miu miu like its earrings, other swimsuits in this line have prices ranging between 190 and 200 euroswhich is equivalent to approximately 3,957 to 4165 Mexican pesos.

In her photograph saying goodbye to Italy, Belinda showed off her new hair dye, Well, it went from a gradient between brown with blonde “lights” to a more orange tone with ocher, resembling a peach color, as she described it in an emoji within her publication. A few days ago, the interpreter of the school girl He had already shown an approach to his makeover.

On the other hand, on July 16, Belinda had already shown the maritime outfit in pastel tones but complete, her outfit consists of a pareo-type skirt and a top with long and wide sleeves. At that time she wrote “Summer, summer”implying that he would enjoy his vacation with that aesthetic.

Since her summer break, the pop singer has released a single called we’re not that crazyA production of Abraham Matthew.

While Belinda has dedicated herself to enjoying her vacations and her new musical successes, her ex-boyfriend Nodal released a song in which I could have sent him a hint.

“We are not easy to forget, we are not easy to forget”, was one of the verses that were heard in the first song, while Christian Nodal accompanied the track singing with feeling and dancing to the rhythm of the melody.

In the continuation of that story, he started talking to one of his friends, and immediately another song was played. “Singing the spite at the top of your lungs and here I am not the only one to whom it has happened… the compa next door also lost everything”, while the Sonoran intoned the lyrics.

The song continued and the young Mexican continued to sing with enthusiasm “For blind love he became deaf and from his stumble he never got up (…) my nana said it… love can kill”, which seems to be a letter to the duel of a relationship.


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