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Belinda reacts to the insult that the singer made against her in a video in which Nodal appears

A few weeks ago Christian Nodal caused controversy because a video began to circulate where the famous man was seen in a restaurant when a singer approached him and began to sing a song by Vicente Fernández in which it is implied that a person is hurt that his partner has left him. But that was not all, the singer began to insult Belinda and Nodal did nothing to defend his ex-girlfriend.

This generated a wave of criticism not only against Christian Nodal, but also the singer known as The charro of Toluquilla. Because of this, he went out to apologize, which he published through a video on Facebook.

“I feel very sorry for disrespecting Belinda in the way I did, I got carried away. I apologize Belinda, I don’t have the pleasure of meeting you. Also to the women who were offended by this, I know it’s something not to do, I did it and I’m sorry. From the bottom of my heart I ask your forgiveness, Belinda,” she said.

And although Belinda had stayed out of this controversy, the famous already reacted to what happened and in her style, the interpreter of Light without gravity answered the man who insulted her.

It was through a comment that the actress also left on the Trending News by Monick YouTube channel, journalist who spoke about the video involving Belinda and called for a stop to gender-based violence.

“Thank you very much for your words, I value them very much, how sad that some people support this type of misogynistic behavior.”

For now Belinda has not loved herself get involved in issues that have to do with her ex-boyfriend, although each one has made her life after announcing their separation. Nodal started a relationship with the Argentinian Cazzu while Belinda seems to enjoy time with her family and vacationing.


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