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Belinda helps with a serenade during a couple’s reconciliation: “Love is the most important thing”

Belinda She is focused on her professional career, because in addition to continuing with her musical facet – she recently gave a concert where she performed the song with you in the distance – soon viewers will be able to see her on the cooking reality show Iron Chef.

But although her schedule is very tight, the celebrity does not neglect her close friends, as she demonstrated by helping the producer Hugo Mejuto to be happy with your partner.

Belinda reunites with Christopher Uckerman in ‘Iron Chef’ 20 years after their courtship

Thank you Belinda for believing in love, for writing and being an accomplice in our story.”, was the description that Hugo added to the video on TikTok where he showed the serenade that took her partner with Belinda as the protagonist.

At the beginning of the video, the singer said: “What happens is that they had an argument, so it’s a surprise. When you love music, you do whatever. Let’s see how it goes, I hope he forgives us “.

Then, before Hugo’s partner, Belinda pointed out: “It’s the first time I’ve done something like this, but love is love. Hugo loves you, that’s why we are here and I hope you like it, with much love”. And she proceeded to sing the theme If they let us accompanied by a mariachi.


Thank you @belindatok for believing in love, for writing and being involved in our story. ❤️????

♬ original sound – Hugo Mejuto

After the reconciliation, the protagonist of the series welcome to eden reflected: “For me love is the most important and the music connects, and when Hugo told me that in love you have to forgive, as if I said that I want to be part of the story of the reunion of love”.

It stands out that the famous one delighted the singing couple with one of her hits, In love you have to forgive, and also danced to the rhythm of Sapito.

In addition, on Instagram the producer shared a photo where he appears with his lover and Belinda during the celebration of reconciliation.

It highlights that many Internet users commented on Hugo’s publications extolling Belinda’s help, for example: “Hterrific surprise. Long live love!”, “Beli as cupid and it worked”, “They do that to me and I forgive even the gum that was stolen“, “Beli is always so human and loves to help others” and “The accomplice more beautiful“.


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