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Belinda exposed bad treatment in an Italian restaurant: “They looked at us in a strange way”

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Belinda has shown signs of her close friendship with Jared Leto (Photo: Gettyimages)

Belinda is enjoying his summer vacations in Italy, and on his social networks he has shared aspects of his journey, to which was accompanied by a group of friends which includes American actor Jared Leto.

The fans of the interpreter of Beautiful betrayal They are waiting and following every detail of the trip of the also actress, who when sharing that she is vacationing with the Hollywood actor and vocalist of the band 30 Seconds to Mars, sThe rumor of a possible sentimental relationship between the two was urged.

Although the moments shared by the ex-girlfriend of Christian Nodal do not show a possible affair with the protagonist of Dallas Buyers Clubbut a close friendship of more than eight years, in which the Spanish nationalized Mexican artist taught him to shout “That sucker” to the one born in Louisiana 50 years ago, now Belinda exposed an uncomfortable moment that she lived in a restaurant of the locality.

Belinda climbed with her friends in the Italian mountains (Instagram Capture: @belinda)
Belinda climbed with her friends in the Italian mountains (Instagram Capture: @belinda)

The 32-year-old singer shared a story on her Instagram account where she narrates her visit to a local, where the employees “began to talk about them” in Italian.

Those ladies are talking about us and we don’t understand what they say. As we have asked for things that they do not do here, they started … ”, expressed the singer, and she took it with humor since she began to imitate the foreign language of the employees.

Everything indicates that the comments of the waitresses began when Belinda and her companion requested a Teriyaki sauce for the salad that they ordered at the premises. “They looked at us in a super strange way, as if we were aliens,” said Belinda’s companion in the video.

The short clip quickly went viral and among the comments in response, you can read: “And if I don’t understand what they say, how do you know they’re talking about her?”, “Yes, but it’s not a real restaurant, but a bar-tavola calda, to eat something quickly. In that place there is no chef”, “To start with, who asks for something that they do not do, nor should they accept it”, “Well, the truth is that you should only ask for what is on the menu and that’s it, not to taste”, “ Who in their right mind goes to an Italian restaurant to order another type of food?

Belinda’s vacations are in the public eye since this Saturday, July 30, the interpreter shared with his almost 16 million followers a series of images of the moments he lived with the protagonist of Morbiuswith whom he has a wonderful friendship.

The Spanish showed a series of photographs where she showed off her ride in a luxurious boat and the beautiful landscapes that he enjoyed in the company of his friends. As expected, the postcards rumbled on the internet, especially one where Jared Leto posed wearing a typical mariachi hat.

The singer broke a nail on her climb, and shared the event as an achievement (Instagram Photo: @belindapop)
The singer broke a nail on her climb, and shared the event as an achievement (Instagram Photo: @belindapop)

During the morning of this Sunday, July 31, the famous surprised her fans with more images and this time she drew attention to the fact that she suffered an incident while climbing with Leto. According to her post, she wasn’t up for it, but her friends were so insistent that she accepted the challenge.

Between complaints and shoves by Jared, the protagonist of welcome to eden managed to climb to the top, but unfortunately he injured his hand by breaking a nail, So he shared it through a photograph.

“When your friends force you to do something you don’t want to do and in the end you like it! P.S: Take the risk of climbing a mountain even if you end up losing a nailwhen they reach the top they will realize that everything happens, that life is beautiful and that you only live once”.


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