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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Belinda debuts her new look singing a song by Luis Miguel

Belinda has left the controversies behind and has spent the last few months enjoying her vacations, first it was with the Hollywood actor Jared Leto and then in the company of his family celebrating his vacation at Disney. She recently surprised everyone on the internet by showing off her radical makeover, now with short pink hair.

Although many Internet users consider that the Spanish singer only used a wig for a photo session, now she appeared on stage again with the same haircut but now wearing a long black dress.

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Belinda’s look caught the attention of Internet users, but as always, her talent stood out on stage. The young singer interpreted one of the most melancholic songs of Luis Miguel, it is about With you all the way.

The song written by César Portillo de la Luz has been performed by great artists such as Pedro Infante, Christina Aguilera, Luis Miguel and now it was Belinda’s turn to sing it.

Belinda’s presentation took place during The Latin House Festival and according to the youtuber Maikell Show who was in charge of sharing the song, the Spanish singer could not hold back her tears during her performance.

Belinda has shown that she can dominate genres outside of pop and this time she confirmed it with her interpretation of this popular bolero.


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