Belinda and Christian Nodal show their intimate reunion (video)

Christian Nodal, from bed and very close, showed that it was their reunion after being apart for a few days.

Mexico.- Belinda She has always been very reserved about her personal life, but now it seems that this has changed, because recently Christian Nodal Shared on social networks An intimate moment The couple’s, and apparently despite the comments, singer did not cause any inconvenience.

The video generated immediate reactions, such as The couple was in bed Enjoying reunion after being apart for a few days Singer had to go to mexico To convince his mother for work and for “Mother’s Day”.

for its part, Belinda lived in spain This is right A recording of the Netflix series, “Welcome to Eden.” Unlike her boyfriend, the coach of “La Voz Mexico” also had to postpone the May 10 celebration, a situation for which She could not help feeling sad and depressed.

Nodal agrees to a dependency

The couple were not separated for a week, but Nodal assured on their social networks that I felt anxious and very stressed Not being on behalf of Belinda, and even confessed that he could not sleep, because without his girlfriend, he suffers from insomnia

Nodal wrote, “Out of 120 hours, I think I was able to sleep for only 18 hours … This message caused controversy among his fans, as the singer was highly dependent on his girlfriend.

However, Christian Nodal He was able to fly to Spain again and it was there where without shame or shame Showed herself and belinda to bed What did i feel Intimate moment. It seems that the singer does not even have clothes, her shoulders are already bare and covered with a sheet.

The singer gave a phrase with this intimate video in which he once again expressed his great love for Belinda:

“You are my home. I love you. I missed you crazy“, He expressed to the interpreter of” Love at First Sight “, writing to the interpreter of” Tell Me How You Want. ”

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