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‘Bel-Air’ gets a dramatic reinterpretation in the new trailer for Peacock’s ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ reboot

'Bel-Air' gets a dramatic reinterpretation in the new trailer for Peacock's 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' reboot

The new Prince of Bel Air has officially moved in, and it’s safe to say it’s causing a sensation. Peacock has released the official trailer for his upcoming new drama Bel-Air, a reinterpreted drama from the iconic ’90s series based on filmmaker Morgan Cooper’s 2019 viral video.

While the original Will Smith-led show was largely comedic, with its serious moments, Bel-Air Loosely borrowing from the drama behind the series’ original premise, it follows Will’s complicated journey from the streets of West Philadelphia to the mansions of Bel-Air. The series will delve deeper into the inherent conflict, emotion, and prejudice that could not possibly be fully explored in a 30-minute sitcom format, while still delivering boasting and allusion to the original show.

In the three-minute trailer, the new Will (Jabari Banks) reunites with his estranged Banks family after the famous “A Little Fight” takes a darker turn in which he runs away from a Philadelphia “bad man” who does some damage want. His move from West Philadelphia to live with his wealthy relatives across the country throws the normally charismatic will out of his game, much like the original. But beneath the characters’ on-screen interactions, something ominous, dark secrets lurks between family members just waiting to come out.

Even when Will finally reclaims his boast of “sitting on his throne as none other than the Prince of Bel-Air,” it is clear that his troubles are far from over.

The trailer finally gives fans a first look at the royal group of co-stars who are joining Banks to take on the iconic roles made famous by the original cast.

Adrian Holmes plays the strict patriarch Phillip Banks, Cassandra Freeman is the soft-hearted matriarch of the family, Vivian Banks, Olly Sholotan plays the cocky Carlton Banks, Coco Jones is the stunningly clever Hilary Banks and Akira Akbar the cute Ashley Banks. Of course, the Banks family would be hopeless without their loyal caretaker Geoffrey, played by Jimmy Akingbola, as well as Jordan L. Jones as Will’s best friend Jazz and Simone Joy Jones as Lisa.

The series is directed, co-written and co-executive produced by Cooper, who wrote and directed the four-minute trailer for the 2019 specification.

“With this dramatic reinterpretation, we wanted to create a show that stood for itself while honoring the spirit and innovation of the original series,” Cooper said in a press release. “Then Bel-Air is a drama, we can really peel off the layers of these characters and themes in ways that 30 years ago you just couldn’t in the half-hour sitcom format. We are able to have difficult conversations that call perspectives into question. At the core, Bel-Air is a celebration of the black experience from a family perspective. ”

Chris Collins was originally named as the writer, showrunner, and executive producer of Bel-Air but was replaced by rich‘s Diane Houston and executive producer Malcolm Spellman. The author duo TJ Brady and Rasheed Newson took over the role in August, with Spellman remaining as executive producer.

Bel-Air will premiere the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 13th on Peacock, with the first three episodes kicking off and new episodes coming weekly.


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