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Behind the scenes of Susana and Wanda’s note and that of Fantino and La China

Behind the scenes of Susana and Wanda's note and that of Fantino and La China

It is not news that the irruption of streaming came to change audiovisual consumption habits forever. If before the air and the cable competed for the rating, now platforms do it with the aim of adding subscribers.

But in this transitional stage, the new and old television begin to feed back. That is why it is already normal to find original content from El Trece on Cablevisión Flow, from Telefe on Paramount + or from ESPN and Nat Geo on Star +.

A clearer example of this kind of temporary crossing is what is going to happen this Tuesday around the Wandagate. For weeks, people have been talking about the visit that Susana Giménez made to Wanda nara in paris for Susana, guest of honor, the new cycle of the diva in Paramount +.

But in recent days, Telefe announced that it was going to broadcast a preview of that meeting. The compilation of half an hour will air this Tuesday at 9 p.m., Come in Telefe News and Masterchef Celebrity 3.

This Tuesday A Preview Of The Paramount + Special Will Be Seen On Telefe.  Photo: Instagram @Wanda_Icardi

This Tuesday a preview of the Paramount + special will be seen on Telefe. Photo: Instagram @wanda_icardi

What will be seen in the Susana-Wanda meeting?

“Paris, 2021, the most anticipated note of the year. Exclusive ”, announces the advance. “Susana, guest of honor, an unmissable interview. For the first time, Wanda will break the silence. He will talk about everything and everyone. What really happened? Shocking confessions, the event that the whole country and the world will talk about”, He promises.

Although the meeting was promoted by the air channel because the diva is one of its main figures, the special is an original production of Paramount +, a service that belongs to the same media conglomerate as the station, ViacomCBS.

The businesswoman, wife and representative of Mauro Icardi will open the doors of his house in the French capital and break the silence for the first time on television after the scandalous affair of the Paris Saint-Germain footballer with Eugenia “China” Suárez (29 years).

Not all the meeting will be dedicated to the crisis that Wanda lived with Icardi. She and the diva will also visit iconic landmarks and tourist sites in Paris, such as the Arc de Triomphe.

One Of Wanda'S Posts, Promoting Her Parisian Interview With Susana.  Photo: Instagram @Wanda_Icardi

One of Wanda’s posts, promoting her Parisian interview with Susana. Photo: Instagram @wanda_icardi

Images of both will also be seen watching PSG versus Nantes at the Parc des Princes Stadium, match where Lionel Messi scored his first goal in the French league. Icardi, for his part, did not even go to the substitute bench.

According to the journalist Pía Shaw in The Morning Angels (El Trece, Monday through Friday at 11 a.m.), Icardi will make a kind of release to apologize to Nara in Susana, guest of honor.

La China and Fantino: the same day?

The Wandagate promises to add new edges from the interview that China Suárez had with Alejandro Fantino (50 years old) and that can be seen -it is rumored that starting this Tuesday- exclusively on Star +, Disney’s “adult” streaming service.

Telefe Will Broadcast A Preview Of Susana Giménez'S Interview With Wanda Nara, Between The Central Newscast And Masterchef.

Telefe will broadcast a preview of Susana Giménez’s interview with Wanda Nara, between the central newscast and Masterchef.

The idea of ​​the media conglomerate is to take advantage of the fact that it has the actress on its staff – she comes from starring in the series Alternative therapy with his ex, Benjamin Vicuña-, and make a special that generates thousands of reproductions and repercussions as part of the scandal of the year: the affair with the footballer.

It’s known that about ten days ago, the ESPN host had a long conversation with China. The Star + special is called In first person, true to the confessional interview style that has been carried out since its inception at TyC Sports.

What Suarez said

But, as he was able to find out Clarion, the only statement that Fantino managed to get from the actress about her affair with Mauro Icardi and the scandal with Wanda Nara was “that the only ones to whom he will explain is his children“.

The reluctance of the former Teen Angel to talk about the topic that everyone expected not only produced significant anger in Disney Latin America, but also in Fantino, who would have finished the recording very upset.

Fantino Interviewed China Suárez But Could Not Have Made A Statement Due To The Affair With Icardi.

Fantino interviewed China Suárez but could not have made a statement due to the affair with Icardi.

The interview had generated controversy before taking place, since at first versions circulated that China would have charged up to 100,000 dollars to sit down and talk. The actress denied it with some irony on her social networks. And then it turned out that Suárez agreed to make the note because of his contractual relationship with Disney.

The truth is that once it was done, the driver of Intractable (America) had to deal with Suárez’s refusal to talk about Wanda and Icardi; That is why the talk ended up heading towards other topics more linked to the actress’s career.

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